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Ramadan moon sighting 2024 In Nigeria

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Ramadan moon sighting 2024 In Nigeria

Ramadan moon sighting 2024 In Nigeria, has the Moon Been Sighted for Ramadan in Nigeria?, Moon sighting committee members in Nigeria, Moon sighting Ramadan 2024 Nigeria, and Ramadan Calendar 2024 Is what you will read on this page.

Ramadan moon sighting 2024 In Nigeria

The month of Ramadan is special to Muslims around the world, who observe this holy time with devotion and enthusiasm.

Ramadan moon sighting 2024 In Nigeria

The Muslim calendar is lunar-based, which means that the dates for Ramadan can vary from year to year, depending on when the new moon arrives after sunset.

When the new moon has been sighted, Muslims can break their fast during the evening meal of Iftar; until then, they abstain from food and drink during daylight hours throughout the month.

has the Moon Been Sighted in nigeria for Ramadan 2024?

No! the moon has not been sighted for ramdan 2024. But we will update this article once the committee has announced it. So bookmark this page for you not to missed it.

Here’s how to know if Ramadan in Nigeria will start with sighting of the moon by local religious leaders…

First Sighting

The Central Ruet-e-Hilal Committee of Nigeria, which is responsible for sighting and announcing moon sightings on behalf of all Nigerian states, announced on Sunday, 1 April, that it had not yet sighted the moon. The decision was made as no delegate from any state could sight it despite round-the-clock efforts at several locations, media reports quoted a spokesman as saying. The holy month of Ramadan is expected to begin on 2nd april across Africa.

Second Sighting

This is based on a historical rule where if at least one crescent moon hasn’t been sighted for 30 days before Ramadan, then Eid can be celebrated on 30th day of Dhu al-Hijjah. This rule was adopted by most Muslim countries. Nowadays, with lots of Muslims travelling or living abroad and even satellite sighting, we might see many second sightings around Eid ul-Fitr all over the world – some will celebrate while others won’t.

Last Sighting

The last sighting of the moon was July 25th, 2017. The crescent moon can be sighted after sunset on Saturday, July 29th, 2017. Eid-ul-Fitr will therefore start Sunday, July 30th and last until August 7th, 2017.

When Is Ramadan 2024?

Although dates differ slightly from one Muslim country to another, you can expect that Ramadan will begin on April 2 or 3 (depending on whether it is an odd- or even-numbered year).

The festival that celebrates Eid al-Fitr (aka Eid or Eid ul-Fitr) marks when Muslims believe fasting ends.

Some countries’ dates are set so that all people who follow lunar calendars will have finished fasting around the same time (see below).

Ramadan Calendar 2024

  • 1st Ramadan, 3 April
  • 2nd Ramadan, 4 April
  • 3rd Ramadan, 5 April
  • 4th Ramadan, 6 April
  • 5th Ramadan, 7 April
  • 6th Ramadan, 8 April
  • 7th Ramadan, 9 April
  • 8th Ramadan, 10 April
  • 9th Ramadan, 1 1 April
  • 10th Ramadan, 12 April
  • 11th Ramadan, 13 April
  • 12th Ramadan, 14 April
  • 13th Ramadan, 15 April
  • 14th Ramadan, 16 April
  • 15th Ramadan, 17 April
  • 16th Ramadan, 18 April
  • 17th Ramadan, 19 April
  • 18th Ramadan, 20 April
  • 19th Ramadan, 21 April
  • 20th Ramadan, 22 April
  • 21th Ramadan, 23 April
  • 22th Ramadan, 24 April
  • 23th Ramadan, 25 April
  • 24th Ramadan, 26 April
  • 25th Ramadan, 27 April
  • 26th Ramadan, 28 April
  • 27th Ramadan, 29 April
  • 28th Ramadan, 30 April
  • 29th Ramadan, 01 May
  • 30th Ramadan, 02 May.

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List of Moon sighting committee members in Nigeria

There is a group of scholars who are legally empowered to determine that Islamic months have begun. This group is called moon sighting committee of Nigeria.
Generally, people have faith on these scholars that they will make proper judgement regarding moon sighting. MCCN announces moon sighting results annually.
On their website they give accurate predictions based on astronomical facts and calculations before officially announcing each lunar month.
Their announcements include other details such as where can you observe Eid prayer and what days are considered recommended for fasting during Ramadan period.

1. His Eminence, The Sultan of Sokoto Alhaji Muhammad Sa’ad Abubakar, CFR mni   [email protected]
2. HRH. Alhaji Abubakar Umar Ibn Garbai EL-Kanemi, CFR.  Shehu of Borno 08026469775, 08057611445 [email protected][email protected]
3. Alh. Rasaki Oladejo, FCA 08022908221 [email protected]
4. Prof. Is-haq Oloyede   08036087987 [email protected] [email protected]
5. Prof. Salisu Shehu 08069693033 [email protected] [email protected]
6. Gen A. B. Mamman (Rtd) 08033301476 [email protected]
7. Bar. Haroun Eze, Esq. 08036502716 [email protected]
8. Alh. Femi Abbas 08122697498 [email protected]
9. Abdullahi Musa Abdul (Arc) 08038214189 [email protected]
10. Dr. (Mrs) Saudat Abdulbaqi 08034508413   [email protected] [email protected]
11. Dr. Siraj Abdulkareem 08033140357 [email protected]
12. Prof. (Mrs) Fatimah Abdulkareem 08023093852 [email protected]
13. Prof. Hussain Abdulkareem    
14. Alh. Y.K.O Abdulkareem 08033078966 [email protected]
15. Prof. Sheikh Abdullahi 08033447864 [email protected]
16. Alh. Abdulfattah  Abdulmajeed 0809736266208023402714 [email protected]
17. Mallam Luqman Abdulraheem 08023462555 [email protected]
18. Hon. Justice Wale Habeeb Abiru (JCA) 08033078306 [email protected]
19. Alh. Yahaya Abubakar, CFR, HRH. Etsu Nupe 08163684448 [email protected]
20. Dr. Khalid Abubakar 08034531742 [email protected][email protected]
21. Dr. Salihu  Abubakar (ABU) 08037037898 [email protected]
22. Prof. Sani Abubakar Lugga (Wazirin Katsina) 08035906564 [email protected]
23. Prof. Ahmad Adam 08033151706 [email protected]
24. Dr. Muhammad Kabir Adam 08055528056 [email protected]
25. Alh. Dr. Najib Hussain Adamu, CON, HRH.  Emir of Kazaure 08055790125,07035896078 [email protected]
26. Senator Abdullahi Adamu 08066662085 [email protected]
27. Imam Mohammad Adamu 08036725460 [email protected]
28. Prof. Mahfouz Adedimeji 08182452513 08066372516 [email protected]
29. Dr. Ridwan Adeyemi 08081363131 08172792414 [email protected]
30. Mr. Jamiu Afolayan 08033491900 [email protected]
31. Alh. Mutiu Agboke 08037435880 [email protected]
32. HRH. Alh. Attahiru Muhammadu Ahmad  , CON, Emir of Zamfara 08036130850  
33. Alh. Mahmud Yayale Ahmad, CFR 08033155475 08032001764 [email protected]
34. Honorable Dr. Ali Ahmad 0803742111108097421111 [email protected]
35. Dr. Ibrahim Datti Ahmad 08034518393 [email protected]
36. Sheikh Abdul Rahman Ahmad 08023141752 [email protected]
37. Sheikh Haroun Ajah 08033397491 [email protected]
38. Prince Bola Ajibola (SAN) 08037015966 [email protected]
39. Honorable Mulikat Akande 08055447478, 08023033963 [email protected]
40. Alh. (Dr.) A. O. Akano 08055120977 [email protected]
41. Alh. Abdullahi Akinbode 08033931882 [email protected]
42. Prof. Is-haq Akintola 08182119714 [email protected]
43. Sheikh El-Khalif Ameenullah Akoshile 08054498570 [email protected]
44. Engr. Sani Suleiman 08033613309 [email protected] [email protected]
45. Senator Aishah Alhassan 08033144044 [email protected]
46. Alh. Mundi Alhassan    
47. Yusuf O. Ali (SAN) 08033340330 [email protected]
48. Prof. Abubakar Ali-Agan 08035071305   [email protected]  [email protected]
49. Hajia Aisha Aliyu 08033146339 [email protected]
50. Mal. Luqman Amoo 08057927142 07069154915 [email protected]
51. Alh. Isa Aremu 08034080837 [email protected]
52. Nurudeen Asunogie 08033533012 [email protected]
53. Alhaji Najeem Awodele 08030625292 [email protected]
54. Dr. Hakeem Baba-Ahmed 0806977772208035119599   [email protected]
55. Dr. Nafiu Baba-Ahmed 0803322040 [email protected]
56. Dr. Bashir Wale Babalakin (SAN) 08036565656 [email protected]
57. Alh. Remi Babalola 08022901970  
58. Alh. Aliu Badmus 08037060620 [email protected]
59. Alh. Sulaiman Baffa 08022910799 [email protected]
60. Alh. Abdulbasit Bakare 08023126169 [email protected] [email protected]
61. Muhammed Kaura Namoda Bala 08155500056 [email protected]
62. Dr. Muiz Adeyemi Banire, SAN 08033066686 [email protected]
63. Alh Muhammad Ilyasu Bashar, CFR mni, HRH.  Emir of Gwandu 08036154364 [email protected] [email protected]
64. Justice Ahmad Belgore 08035095777 [email protected]
65. Hon. Justice S. M. Alfa Belgore, GCON (former CJN) 08033154786  
66. Abdulfatah A. Bello 08055171740 [email protected]
67. Dr. Ahmadu Bello 08099844181 [email protected]
68. Alh. Falalu Bello 08033012614 [email protected]
69. Alhaji Abdulganiyy Bello 08061506720 08026208282   [email protected]
70. Muhammed Musa Bello 08036042778  
71. Umar Faruk Bello 08036290284 [email protected]
72. Alh. Mustapha Bintube 08034030716 [email protected]
73. Brother Wahab Bolaji   [email protected]
74. Engr. Abayomi O. Bolarinwa 08023126031 [email protected]  [email protected]
75. Dr. Usman Bugaje 08034080735 [email protected]
76. Barr. A. Bukarti  Bulama 08036228220 [email protected]
[email protected]
77. C.P Yinka Balogun (Rtd.) 08032001966 [email protected]
78. Col. Umar Otokiti (Rtd.) 08036343036 [email protected]
79. Dr. Bala Muhammad 08036298833 [email protected]
80. Dr. Muhammad Borodo 08033268903 [email protected]
81. Dr. (Imam) Musa Olaofe 08033206483 [email protected]
82. Prof. (Imam) Taofiq AbdulAzeez 08038037156 [email protected]
83. Dr. M. A. Makarfi 08035040421 [email protected]
84. Prof. R.I Adebayo 07035467292 [email protected]
85. Alh. Magaji Danbatta 08077950901 08037019221 [email protected]
86. Alh. Mukhtari Dangana 08034080988 [email protected]
87. Barr. Bala Danja 08065929181 [email protected]
88. Alh. Aminu Dantata 08055552001 08034082001 [email protected]
89. Hajia Laraba Dattijo 08038021600 [email protected]
90. Prof. Wahab Egbewole, SAN 08037075621 [email protected]
91. Prof. Obini  Ekpe 08034304196 [email protected]
92. Alh. Jamiu Ekungba 08033587070 [email protected]
93. Honorable Hassan El-Badawi 08026914383  
94. Hassan Taiwo Elias 08033225850 [email protected]
95. Sheikh Habeebullahi Adam Abdullahi El-Ilory 08023126335 [email protected]
96. Prof. Abdullah El-Okene 08032534114 [email protected]
97. HRH. Mallam Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, Former Emir of Kano   [email protected] [email protected]
98. Engineer H. S. Labo 08065522893 [email protected]
99. Alh. Abdul-Lateef Fagbemi (SAN) 08033246788  
100. Alh. Usman Faruq (Rtd), CON, MPM Jarman Gombe 08036245228 [email protected]
101. Arc. M.J. Faworaja 08033799919 08023022444  
102. Prof. Tajudeen Gbadamosi 08033150657 [email protected] [email protected]
103. Dr. Laide Ghazal 07033629050 [email protected]
104. Senator Danjuma Goje 08036400128 [email protected][email protected]
105. Sen. Khairat Gwadabe 08034004778  
106. Alh. Sule Hamma 08037043727  
107. Mal. Muzzammil Sani Hanga 08023147224 [email protected]
108. Alh. Muhammad Haruna 08033143372 08023211188 [email protected]
109. Engr. Jibril Ibrahim 08099901933 [email protected]
110. Senator Ibrahim Ida, CON 07063489284 [email protected]
111. Mallam Usman Idris 08038692872 [email protected]
112. Imam Fuad Adeyemi 07031059755 [email protected]
113. Imam Murtala  Muhammed 08038289761 [email protected]
114. Imam Tajudeen Adigun 08038882725  
115. Alh. Ibrahim Jega 0803349942908066604710 [email protected]
116. Prof. Munzali Jubril 08034516041 [email protected]
117. Sheikh Abduljabbar Nasir Kabara 08072644476  
118. Sheikh Qaribullah Nasir Kabara 0803553738208033371993 [email protected]
119. Disu Kamor 08076049545 [email protected][email protected]
120. Honorable Sani Kalgo 08053575225 [email protected]
121. Ishaq M. Kawu 08035980806  
122. Honorable Sulaiman Kawu 08039706959   [email protected]
123. Prof. Abdulrazaq Kilani 08037029180 [email protected]
124. Senator Zainab Kure 08036650086 [email protected][email protected]
125. Abubakar Lamido 07037578248 [email protected]
126. Umar Kareto Lawan 08033071933 [email protected]
127. Nurudeen Lemu 08035881797 [email protected]
128. Obileye Luqman 08033343253 [email protected]
129. Senator Ahmad Muhammad Maccido 08039664464 [email protected]
130. Muhammad Mahmud 07063130180 [email protected]
131. Muhammad Lawal Maidoki 08034337000 [email protected] [email protected]
132. Mallam Isa Okonkwo 08037861407 [email protected]
133. Prof. Ahmad Maqari 08036302212 [email protected]
134. Hon. Justice Maryam Aloma Mukhtar, GCON 08034004378 [email protected]
135. Shiekh A.R.F. Mayaleeke 08035050804 [email protected]
136. Honorable Abubakar Momoh 08035869471 08023411841  
137. HRH. Alh. Aliru Momoh, The Otaru of Auchi 08033892928 [email protected]
138. HRH. Oba Akadiri Saliu Momoh IV, Olukare of Ikare 07035293679  
139. Abubakar  S. Muhammad 0803301066508073870387 [email protected]
140. Mal. Ishaq Muhammad   [email protected]
141. Abeny Mohammed SAN 08033740056 [email protected]
142. Prof.  M. A.  Muhibudeen 08077037484 [email protected]
143. Sheikh Yakubu K.T. Musa 08033217246 [email protected][email protected]
144. Alh. Muhammad Barkindo Aliyu Mustapha, CFR, HRH. Lamidon Adamawa    
145. Hajiya Talatu Nasir 08034645397 [email protected]
146. Prof. D.O.S. Noibi 08073298674 [email protected] [email protected]
147. Alhaji Ogunlayi 08035758606 [email protected]
148. Alh. Lateef Okunnu 08034543344 [email protected]
149. Alhaja Lateefat Okunnu 08033401374 [email protected]
150. HRH. Abdurrasheed Odundun Olabunmi IV– The Aragbiji of Iragbiji 0703794118507086480521 [email protected]
151. Prof. Abdulhafiz Oladosu 08055115001 [email protected]
152. Alhaji Omoloja 07060517878  
153. Hajia Halimat Jibril 08036566160 [email protected]
154. Sheikh Ahmad Onilewura 07062653336 [email protected]
155. Prof. Muhib Opeloye 08033340495 [email protected] [email protected]
156. Justice Abdulkadir Orire, CON 08055790361 [email protected]
157. Prof. Zakariyau I. Oseni 08033574431 [email protected]
158. Otunba Lateef Owoyemi, FCA [PP], FCMA, FIMC [PP], FCIS, ABR 08055544332 [email protected]
159. Alh. Musbau Oyefeso 08033308232 [email protected]
160. Dr. Abdullahi Jibril Oyekan 08033083382 [email protected]
161. Alh. Ahmed Tunde Popoola 08033024307 [email protected]
162. Prof. Abdul Lateef Sanni 08033469882 [email protected]
163. Prof. Abubakar Rasheed 08035878374 [email protected]
164. Prof. Adam Ahmad 08033151706 [email protected]
165. b Prof. Ganiyu Raji 08035850005 [email protected]
166. Prof. J.S. Kaura 0805360439408067050641 [email protected]
167. Prof. K. Balogun 08058871032 [email protected]
168. Prof. Labode Popoola 08060634089 [email protected]
169. Prof. M. A. Bidmus 08023255158 [email protected]
170. Prof. Rahman – Uni-Ife 08033377441 [email protected]
171. Prof. Rasheed Aderinoye 08033492011 [email protected]
172. Prof. S. A. Kuranga 08035550700 [email protected]
173. Prof. S. Z. Abubakar  08035066982 [email protected]
174. Prof.Usman El- Nafaty 08062870892 [email protected]
175. Prof. Yahya Oyewole Imam 08023587359 [email protected]
176. Rafiu Ebiti 08034667279 [email protected]
177. Prof. Naiya Sada 08037037953 [email protected]
178. Ustaz Abubakr Siddeeq 07085354688 [email protected]
179. Sheikh Sheriff Ibrahim Saleh 07032168877 [email protected]
180. Alh. Kunle Sanni 08055065672 [email protected]
181. Alh. Y.O Sanni 08032234707 [email protected]
182. Alh. Muhammad M. Sani 08037232643 [email protected]
183. Alh. Mahmud Sanusi 08059282874  08033155475 [email protected]
184. Alh. Ibrahim Shekarau 08099199111 [email protected]
185. Alfa I. Shetu 08037001197 [email protected]
186. HRH. Eze N. Shittu 08033884319  
187. Alhaji Adebayo Shitu 08035868386 [email protected]
188. Alhaji Murziq Siyanbade 08034155063 [email protected]
189. Dr. F.A. Shonubi 08056909305 [email protected]
190. Alh. Musliu Smith 0803333333908055212121 [email protected]
191. Abdulfattah Adetola Sogbesan   [email protected]
192. Senator Ganiyu Olanrewaju Solomon 08033220728 [email protected]
193. Mallam Ibrahim Sulaiman (ABU) 08036445444 [email protected]
194. Alh Dr. Ibrahim Sulu-Gambari, CFR, HRH.  Emir of Ilorin 08033563647 [email protected] [email protected]
195. Prof. Muhammad Tabiu 08037009592 [email protected]
196. Alhaji Liad Tella 0806470288508057912567 [email protected]
197. Dr. Aliyu Tanko 08037018975 [email protected]
198. Hon. Justice Muhammad Ibrahim Tanko 08034066787  
199. Dr Fadilu Rahman Kehinde Tijani 08033971458 [email protected]
200. Arc. Haruna Zuberu Usman 08033467451 [email protected]
201. Mal. Suleiman Usman  08037861707 [email protected]
202. Sheikh Dahiru Usman 08032103733 08033058201 08036121311 [email protected]
203. Ustadh Yunus Usman (SAN)- Kaduna 07066688877 [email protected]
204. Justice Muhammad Lawal Uwais, GCON,RTD 08055235810 [email protected]
205. Prof. Auwalu Yadudu 08033173885 [email protected]
206. HRH. Dr. Haliru Ndanusa Yahaya, Emir of Shonga 08033138867 [email protected]
207. Sheikh Sani Jingir Yahaya 08065687545  
208. Alh. Ibrahim Yahaya 08036005535 [email protected] [email protected]
209. Prof. T. M. Yahaya 08033579545 [email protected]
210. Senator  Sadiq Yar’adua 08065644424 [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]
211. HRH. Alh. Baba Yunusa, Ona of Abaji 08034521061  
212. Prof. Yusuf Lanre Badmus 08058473661 [email protected]
213. Prof. M. S. Zaharadeen [Chief Imam of Kano] 08020808125 [email protected]

Terms of Reference of the Moon Sighting Committee

  1. To draw up standard criteria for moon-sighting in Nigeria based on the Shariah.
  2. To harmonize the Shariah and scientific methods of moon-sighting with a view to making a credible announcement of the commencement and termination of each lunar month.
  3. To facilitate the setting up of observatory sighting posts in strategic areas across the country.
  4. To identify the most effective state- of-the-art moon-sighting equipment for the Moon- Sighting Committee and recommend to GPC it’s procurement.
  5. To create in-depth awareness of the movement of the moon through sensitization, enlightenment and information dissemination to the general public and the Muslim Ummah in particular.
  6. To collaborate with the Media Committee of NSCIA in organizing periodic seminar, workshop and conference on moon-sighting in Nigeria.
  7. To collate and harmonize the results of the different moon-sighting committees in the country and make monthly announcement of the commencement and termination of each lunar month through the Office of the President-General, NSCIA and the Media Committee.
  8. To network and collaborate with similar national and international bodies in actualizing the goals of the Committee.
  9. To assist new and existing mosques in locating the correct Qiblah and how to rectify in areas where errors of Qiblah locations are observed.
  10. To sensitize and educate Muslims and the general public on the dynamics of prayer times which are influenced by changes in the weather seasons.
  11. In collaboration with the NSCIA Media Committee, to advise both the electronic and print media organizations periodically on the release of prayer timing in Nigeria.
  12. To consider any other issues related to Moon-sighting, Salat timing and Qiblah finding among others as may be deemed fit from time to time.
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