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Bitcoin Legend BCL Launch Date Announced


Bitcoin Legend BCL Launch Date Announced

Bitcoin Legend BCL Launch Date

Bitcoin Legend BCL Launch Date Announced: Bitcoin Legend (BCL) has announced that it will launch its coin on November 1st, 2022, making this another cryptocurrency with a purpose in addition to being an investment vehicle and transactional currency.

The development team chose this date as the true anniversary of Bitcoin’s launch, which took place nearly eight years ago on October 31st, 2015.

However, due to certain technological and logistical constraints, the actual BCL launch will occur 24 hours later on November 2nd, 2022 at 00:00 GMT.


What Bitcoin Legend BCL Is

Bitcoin Legend BCL is an exclusive cryptocurrency. The total supply of Bitcoin legend tokens are 10 million. Its price at launch will be 0.1 ETH per token.

This currency can only be purchased during a sale that will last 6 days or until all tokens are sold out. After its launch date on 20th October 2017, it will not be possible to buy Bitcoin legend tokens anymore.

The only way to own Bitcoin Legend Tokens will be to purchase them before the end of its ICO.

There are already about 30 thousand people who have already joined Bitcoin Legen legends by becoming a member and waiting for its launch and great opportunity for investing in cryptos.

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Why Bitcoin Legend is Launching This Summer

As Bitcoin nears what some experts are calling a make or break moment many are concerned that it will be nothing more than a historical curiosity when compared to newer and more innovative cryptocurrencies.

However, Bitcoin has proven resilient throughout its history. For example, many analysts believed that once large scale merchants like Overstock started accepting other cryptocurrencies as payments, Bitcoin would quickly become irrelevant due to its slow speed of processing transactions (especially for purchases on a massive scale).

Instead of fading into obscurity however, analysts believe that recent developments prove otherwise.

How to Participate in the Pre-Sale

The main sale will launch on March 16th. To participate in it you have to have registered at least 6 hours before launching.

Pre-sale investors should be able to join from noon onwards on March 11th. (BCTalk thread).

From March 1st you will also be able to register for a chance to take part in stage 2 of our pre-sale when we launch Phase II of our ICO on April 9th (BCTalk thread).

Those who take part in phase two can expect a 5% discount as well as some extra bonuses during phase 2.

What Happens After the Launch?

Just because your new crypto is available for purchase doesn’t mean you can relax.

While an ICO lets you offer tokens for sale to investors before your blockchain network goes live, post-launch activities are just as important for establishing a profitable business as development and distribution.

Some essential steps to take after an ICO include: -Build up hype with a pre-launch marketing campaign -Develop appropriate communication channels and spread awareness about your crypto network – Follow up with buyers so they understand how to buy coins and use them.

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Bitcoin legend BCL to USD

$54.43/BCL (from August 1st) – Bitcoin legend has announced its all-new updated value for one of its most valuable currencies with BTC, which will change from 5K to USD $1/BTC in 7 days at 12am UTC on August 1st.

Bitcoin legend said that The biggest crisis of 21st century is currency deflation (more accurate is monetary deflation), there are a lot of people around who predict high value for bitcoin and then it collapses when it hits high values.

It’s clear in an economy like Bitcoin’s there would be no means for a failed business and economy such as what we have now; and thus launching it worldwide with full capitalization without worrying about currency deflation.

Additional Links and Information

BitcoinLegend-BCL BitcoinTalk Announcement (with screenshots) Image of Coin [con] Information Packet containing keys and verification information.

Sign up form: Pre-launch sign up form.

Be advised it will be posted here as well but if you want to keep in touch I recommend joining now so you are first on our list.

Public ANN thread when launch begins

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