RENEC Price Prediction Today

RENEC Price Prediction Today

RENEC Price Prediction Today: 2022 will be a year with many milestones for the Remitano Network Blockchain (RENEC).

As a holder of RENEC Token, you will undoubtedly be interested to know Renec coin price prediction. So let’s dive in.

Renec price prediction

Q1: Launch of Remitano Network Blockchain Network Testnet.

Q3 – Q4: Expected to launch mainnet of Remitano Network Blockchain.

Also, in 2022, we expect to have a decentralized exchange operating on the ecosystem of Remitano Network and the appearance of the first stable coin token running on the network besides RENEC as the native token.

All the milestones revolve around the fundamental goals of the Remitano Network Blockchain:

  • Fast transactions with low fees
  • Scalability
  • High security
  • Communication with other blockchains (cross-chain)

RENEC Price Prediction Today


RENEC mining program in 2022

The important points to note in the RENEC mining program that you need to pay attention to are:

1. Supply

We don’t predetermine the supply of RENEC. Instead, the supply will be determined based on the result of the RENEC mining program.

Any user can participate in the mining program to claim their RENEC. The mining program was announced on 1/7/2021 and will last until the end of Q2 2022, when the blockchain mainnet can go live.

The mining program can be extended up to a maximum of 3 months.

The RENEC development team also does not predetermine the amount of RENEC they own. Instead, it depends on the amount of RENEC mined by the community.

For each RENEC mined by the community, 0.25 RENEC will be given to the development team and unlocked after a period to fund the development of the Remitano Network.

2. Confirming ownership of RENEC Token

Owning RENEC Token means you support the development of Remitano Network Blockchain project. Therefore, its owners must be genuine and unique people. This means:

Each holder participating in RENEC mining only owns 1 Remitano account. Therefore, blocking and banning clone or traded accounts for RENEC mining is our crucial protocol. Once an account is blocked, its mined RENEC will be burned and removed from the supply when the mainnet launches.

Another essential thing to consider is that you can only take full ownership of the amount of RENEC you mine and transfer them to the mainnet once you have completed KYC level 2.

A similar rule is applied to the amount of RENEC you earn from the downline miners, which is you can only take full ownership of the amount of the commision RENEC earned form the downline miners once they have completed KYC level .

This rule is mandatory to ensure transparency for the RENEC holders community. We will have other specific announcements and explanations shortly.

You can do document verification (KYC Level 2) for your account at any time during the RENEC mining program. Even if you haven’t done level 2 document verification, you can still mine RENEC as usual.

But in order to truly own RENEC in the future, you will need to do document verification or KYC Level 2 sooner or later.

3. Important warning:

Users can only earn RENEC through mining program, and it is still impossible to transfer RENEC anywhere. So all information about buying, selling and especially listing RENEC anywhere else is a scam.

We also advise you to be vigilant and not engage in selling your Remitano accounts, especially those with level 2 document verification.

In many cases, the people who buy back these accounts will use them to perform illegal transactions (scam, money laundering…) that the person who is ultimately responsible before the local government is you.

We hope you’ve got some helpful information. We would like to see you again in the next blog post. And don’t forget to mine RENEC today!

If you are not mining renec coin currently, simply click here and register with your gmail address to start mining before its too late.

Source: Remitano

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