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Waec Dyeing and bleaching Answer 2021

Waec Dyeing and bleaching Answer 2021






Bleaching is a process of whitening fabric by removal of natural colour, such as the tan of linen, is usually carried out by means of chemicals selected according to the chemical composition of the fibre.



(i) sulfur dioxide

(ii) sulfurous acid

(iii) bisulfites, sulfites

(iv) hydrosulfite (dithionites)


Waec Dyeing and bleaching Answer 2021

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Another TOURISM Answer

[Pick any TWO}
(i) Travel services
(ii) Tourist boards
(iii) Accommodation services
(iv) conferences and events
(v) Attractions
(vi) Tourism services


(i) Tourism products are intangible
(ii) Tourism products are perishable


(i) Provision of electricity
(ii) Provision of water
(iii) Construction of Roads by government
(iv) Tourism also brings about improvement in communication


Sukur – Adamawa
Eyo – Lagos
Argungu – Kebbi
Tinapa resort – Calabar


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