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Ramadan booth biography, Age, Wiki, Wife and Family

Biography and Net worth

Ramadan booth biography, Age, Wiki, Wife and Family

In this article, I’ll provide you some amazing facts regarding Ramadan Booth biography, ramadan booth age, ramadan booth mother, ramadan booth instagram, ramadan booth family, ramadan booth wife, ramadan booth father, biography of ramadan booth and ramadan booth wikipedia.

Ramadan Booth Biography

Ramadan Ado Muhammad, popularly known as Ramadan Booth, is a well-known Kannywood actor in Nigeria.

He was born on May 7, 1989, in Kano State, to Zainab Booth, a well-known Kannywood actress.

Ramadan Booth received his primary and high school education in the state before continuing on to a tertiary institution.

Following his education, he entered the industry with the support of his mother and other well-known Kannywood performers such as Ali Nuhu and Umar M Shareef.

Ramadan Booth broke into the profession after acting in the film “Ja Ni Mu Je.” Since then, the actor has appeared in a number of films, earning him praise and honors.

Ramadan booth biography, Age, Wiki, Wife and Family

Ramadan booth photo

Ramadan Booth Wiki

Full Name Ramadan Ado Muhammad
Name Ramadan booth
Born May 7, 1989
Age 33 years.
Place of birth Kano state
Nationality Nigerian
Wife Fatima
Mother Zainab booth
Father Ado Muhammad
Brother Ahmad booth
Sister Maryam booth
Marital Status Married (Fatima)
Children Nusaiba and Etc.
Tribe Hausa/Fulani
Religion Islam
Twitter @ramadan_booth
Instagram @ramadanbooth
Net worth $170 Thousand Dollars.

Ramadan Booth Filmography

  • Alaqa
  • Wutar gaba
  • Izzar so
  • Gamu nan Dai
  • Bana Bakwai
  • Ra’eesa
  • Sanam
  • Hakimatus sadiya
  • Wutar kara
  • Yaki a soyayya
  • Izzatu
  • Ja Ni Mu Je
  • Gwarzon Shekara
  • So Da So
  • Allan siyasa
  • Matar mu ce
  • Ga Da ga
  • Safeena
  • Sadakar yallah
  • Auren jeka nayi ka
  • Talaka bawan Allah and Etc.

Ramadan Booth Wife

The actor is currently married to his lovely wife Fatima, and the couple has a child together.

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Ramadan Booth Age

As of 2022, Ramadan Booth is 33 years old.

Ramadan Booth Mother

Zainab Booth a mother to Ramadan booth, is well-known in the Hausa film industry for playing motherly roles in films.

Zainab Booth is an actress who has appeared in Rabuwa (2008), Jarumai (2006), and Jarumai 2 among other films (2006).

She passed away on 2 July, 2021

Ramadan Booth Family

Ramadan Booth grew up together with his brothers and sisters. Maryam Booth, Ramadan Booth and Amude Booth are all from same family with ramadan. And they are popular actors in the Hausa Filmmaking industry.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who is the mother of Ramadan booth?

Zainab Booth is the mother of ramadan booth.

Is Maryam Booth and Ramadan booth siblings?

Yes, Ramadan booth and Maryam booth are siblings.

Who is Zainab Booth?

Zainab Booth is a mother to Ramadan booth, she is well-known in the Hausa film industry for playing motherly roles in films.

Who is Amude booth?

Ahmad Booth (also known as Amudebooth) was born on (Tuesday, 24th August 2021). Is a brother to Ramdan booth.

He also works in the Kannywood sector as an actor. Amude began performing with his mother, Zainab Booth, and older sister, Maryam Booth, when he was a child.

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