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Best way to login to jamb portal using registration number 2024

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Best way to login to jamb portal using registration number 2024

Login to jamb portal using registration number

Login to jamb portal using registration number 2024: The JAMB UTME Portal is where JAMB made things easier for candidates. Before this portal, all JAMB-related tasks had to be done at cafes or JAMB centers, which was stressful. That’s why this portal was created!

Once you’re in your Efacility page, here’s what you can do:

  1. Register for NOUN, Part-Time, or Sandwich programs
  2. Check your UTME Mock Exam results
  3. Sign up for Direct Entry
  4. Print your Result Slip or Admission Letter
  5. Get your Admission Regularized
  6. Check your Admission Status
  7. Fix Data Errors
  8. Handle Illegitimate Admission issues
  9. Retrieve your Registration Number
  10. Apply for Transfers
  11. Switch from UTME to Direct Entry

How to Login to JAMB Efacility Portal?

To log in to the JAMB Efacility page, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the JAMB Efacility portal using this link:
  2. Enter your email address and password.
  3. Click the Login button to access your dashboard.

Checking Your Admission Status on JAMB CAPS Portal

Checking your admission status is free, but printing your admission letter from the portal comes with a fee. Here’s how to check your status:

  1. Visit the portal and log in as outlined above.
  2. Click on “Check admission status.” You’ll be redirected to a page with a URL like this:
  3. Click the “Check Admission Status” button, select the exam year, input your JAMB Registration number, and click the button again.
  4. Your status will be displayed instantly.

The JAMB CAPS portal also allows functions like printing your admission letter and switching from UTME to DE, among others. Feel free to explore these options once your account is set up.

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How do I check my JAMB with registration number?

There are various ways to check your JAMB result through your mobile phone, and one simple method is using your registration number.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it:

Step 1: Visit the JAMB result checking portal

To begin, access the official JAMB result checking portal via this link. Log in and select the “Check UTME Results” option.

Step 2: Enter your JAMB Registration Number

Provide your JAMB registration number in the designated space on the portal. Double-check for accuracy before submitting.

Step 3: Review Your Result

Once you’ve entered your registration number, click “Check Result” to view your scores in each subject and your total score.

Step 4: Print a Copy of Your Results

After reviewing your scores, print a copy of your result slip for future reference. Click on “Print Result Slip,” follow the payment prompts, re-enter your registration number, and click “Print” to get a copy.

Checking your JAMB result using your registration number is as straightforward as checking your WAEC result on your phone.

By following these steps, you can easily access and print your JAMB result.

If you face any issues, don’t hesitate to reach out to JAMB via their official website or customer care line for assistance.

How can I log into JAMB portal without email?

Here’s how you can log into the JAMB portal even without an email:

Step 1: Visit the JAMB Portal

Start by going to the JAMB portal. Type in “” in your browser’s address bar. Make sure to type it correctly.

Step 2: Click on “Create eFacility Account/Login”

Once the JAMB portal opens, click on the “Create eFacility Account/Login” button. It’s located at the top right corner of the page.

Step 3: Click on “Create an Account”

Next, click on the “Create an Account” button on the following page. You’ll find it below the login form.

Step 4: Fill in the Required Details

Provide all the necessary information in the registration form. This includes your registration number, date of birth, phone number, and security question.

Step 5: Verify Your Phone Number

After filling in the details, verify your phone number. JAMB will send a verification code to the phone number you provided. Enter this code in the space provided.

Step 6: Create a Strong Password

Once your phone number is verified, create a strong and easy-to-remember password for your eFacility account.

Step 7: Log in to the Portal

After successfully creating your eFacility account, log in to the portal using your registration number and the password you just set up. That’s it!

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