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JUPEB Physics Questions and Answers 2022

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JUPEB Physics Questions and Answers 2022



Terminal Velocity. The speed with which an object moves (vertically) downward in a fluid when the resultant force acting on it is zero.

Viscosity is the property of a fluid which tends to prevent or oppose motion of one layer or part over another. It varies with the temperature and nature of the fluid

Surface tension is the force per unit length acting in the surface at right angles to one side of a line drawn in the surface of a liquid.

Stoke’s law states that the law that the force that retards a sphere moving through a viscous fluid is directly proportional to the velocity of the sphere, the radius of the sphere, and the viscosity of the fluid. the law that the frequency of luminescence induced by radiation is usually less than the frequency of the radiation.

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Law of conservation of angular momentum states that in the absence of an external torque, the total angular momentum is conserved or the total angular momentum of an isolated system remains constant both in magnitude and direction.

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JUPEB Physics Questions and Answers 2022
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