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How to get JAMB answers before the exam

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How to get JAMB answers before the exam

Welcome to zamgist the best 2024 jamb miracle center, where we shared with you the procedures on How to get JAMB answers before the exam.

As the only secret organization of its kind, we have staff members in nearly every institution in Nigeria, which means utilizing our JAMB HELP service guarantees your admission this year.

We offer support not only during JAMB but also throughout the post-UTME process.

If you’re determined to excel in the 2024 JAMB, keep reading.

WARNING: Please be advised that what you’re reading is not a scam or any kind of trick.

This article is intended solely for 2024/2025 JAMB CBT candidates who desire to pass on the first attempt and avoid retaking the exam next year.

How to get JAMB answers before the exam?

At our organization, we take pride in being the leading source of assistance for JAMB 2024 exams.

With staff located in almost every tertiary institution and exam body throughout Nigeria, we have the expertise and resources to help you succeed.

While we do not provide free JAMB expo 2024 assistance, we offer two ways to get JAMB answers before the exam:

1. E-JAMB and

2. N-JAMB.

We understand that each package has its own benefits, and we will guide you in selecting the one that suits you best.

Please note that our priority is to help you, and your money is not our main concern.

Our team members receive competitive salaries at the end of each month, and we take pride in being honest and transparent with our clients.

As students ourselves, we are committed to your success and will not deceive or scam you in any way.


Looking to ace your JAMB UTME? Look no further than our E-JAMB UTME package!

>> For just N12,000 per candidate, you’ll receive VIP treatment.

>> Correct JAMB question answers.

>> Fast delivery times (within 2 days of your exam).

>> But that’s not all! Our package also includes special help from our agents.

>> Equal pricing for every department.

>> The ability to choose your JAMB exam center, including miracle/special centers.

>> We guarantee a higher score of 320+ and offer flexible payment options, including part/half payments and a money-back guarantee.

>> And as a bonus, you’ll receive free JAMB upgrading and Q&A on email and our answers page.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to excel in your JAMB UTME exam!


Introducing our N-JAMB UTME package!

>> For just N7,000 per candidate.

>> You’ll get correct JAMB question answers.

>> Equal pricing for every department, with payment per subject.

>> Plus, you’ll receive fast delivery times (within 1 day of your exam)

>> A high score guarantee of 200+, and a money-back guarantee.

>> As a bonus, you’ll receive Q&A on email and our answers page.

Although the package doesn’t include VIP treatment, special help from our agents, or the ability to choose your JAMB exam center (including miracle/special centers), it still provides excellent value.

And if you’re interested in those additional features, don’t worry – they’re all included in our E-JAMB UTME package.

Don’t miss out on your chance to succeed in your JAMB UTME exam!


At ZAMGIST, we guarantee 100% real and confirmed 2023 JAMB CBT questions and answers delivered to you within two days for our E-JAMB package, or within one day for our N-JAMB package, before your exam day.

We take our delivery time seriously and are committed to delivering on time.

Please note that we do not send JAMB answers via text message, as the content of the questions and answers exceeds the character limit of SMS.

You can trust us to provide a reliable service, and we’re confident you’ll be satisfied with the results.

If you have any questions or concerns, please chat us on WhatsApp directly.

Thank you for choosing ZAMGIST, and we look forward to helping you excel in your JAMB exam.


At our service, we do not send JAMB answers to you via SMS due to the character limit of text messages.

Instead, we will forward the answers to your email account, such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail, etc.

Alternatively, you can also request your JAMB questions and answers via WhatsApp.

We value your privacy and ensure that all information is kept confidential.

If you have any questions or concerns about our service, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for choosing us to help you succeed in your JAMB exams.


We would like to offer some words of advice to those who may be struggling with JAMB exams.

  • If you are someone who lacks confidence or struggles with memorization and cramming, or


  • If you have attempted JAMB multiple times without success and are pursuing a course that requires a high JAMB score.


  • We recommend our E-JAMB Package.

Our E-JAMB Package is best suited for those who want to improve their chances of success and requires a higher JAMB score to achieve their goals.

With a cost of only N12,000.00, it provides VIP treatment, correct JAMB questions and answers, fast delivery time, special help from our agents, and a money-back guarantee.

We understand that the JAMB exam can be challenging, but we are here to support you in your efforts to succeed.

Don’t let your past experiences hold you back from achieving your dreams.

Choose our E-JAMB Package and let us help you reach your full potential.

How to Make Payment & get JAMB Answers Before the Exam

To make payment for any of the subscription package above, use the account details below for payment:

ZAMGIST Jamb Account on How to get JAMB answers before the exam

BANK NAME: Opay or Gt Bank

ACCOUNT NAME: Kazeem Adewale


Chat Zamgist on WhatsApp by clicking here

And request for the account number to make your payment. After payment, send evidence of payment via WhatsApp and then send the following jamb details:

  • Evidence of payment
  • JAMB Registration number
  • JAMB Subjects
  • Email Address
  • Your Exam date and Time

Payment Proofs

Below are some of the payment proofs from our jamb 2023 candidates:

Zamgist jamb Payment Proofs


Zamgist jamb Payment Proofs

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