WAEC GCE Geography 2024 Questions And Answers [Essay, Obj & Practical]

Waec Gce Geography 2022 Questions And Answers

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Waec Gce Geography 2024 Questions And Answers

The West African Examination Council (WAEC) Has Scheduled The Waec Gce Geography 2024 Paper To Kick Of On The 9th February, 2024.

Waec gce Geography 2024 paper is categorized in to 3 parts:

  1. Waec gce Geography essay 2024
  2. Waec gce Geography objective 2024
  3. Waec gce Geography Practical 2024

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Waec gce geography 2024

Waec GCE Geography 2024

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Past Waec gce geography answers

Unfavorable balance of trade is a situation where a country has trade deficits. This means that a nation is importing more goods and services than it exports.

(i) Non-similarity in products: Both countries produce goods and services which are not similar.
(ii) High level of technology: The increase for high volume of trade between developing and advanced countries is due to the high level of technology in the latter.
(iii) High level of savings: The high level of savings in developed countries makes production cheaper; hence they can easily export their products to developing countries.
(iv) Colonial ties: The inclination of some developing countries to their colonial masters has helped to increase the volume of trade between the nations.

(i) Encouraging specialization in production.
(ii) Formation of an African economic community.
(iii) There should be improvement in technology.
(iv) Encouraging the patronage of locally made goods by other countries in Africa.
(v) There should be protection from foreign competition.

Tourism is the practice of travelling for pleasure or the business of offering information, accomodations, transportation and other services to tourists. In other words, tourism is the practice which involves the visiting of people to places of interest where they can relax, derive pleasure and entertainment.


(i)Favourable climate: For tourism to strive, the climate of the environment must be favourable se that tourists can relax and themselves. enjoy

(ii)Fine beaches: In Nigeria, there exist beautiful beaches along the coast. Such beautiful beaches include the Bar beach, Lekki and Badagry beaches.

(iii) Wild life: In Nigeria, there also exist beautiful wide life or game reserves such as Yankari and Borgu Game Reserves.

(iv)Effective publicity: For tourism to strive in Nigeria, there must be enough publicity to create awareness for the tourists on possible areas of attraction.

(v)Beautiful scenery: For tourism to grow, there must be natural and man made scenery where people can relax and entertain themselves.

(vi)Good transport network or communication: There must be good transportation system who will promote the movement of tourists without any obstructions. Vehicles and good roads are key to good tourism.


(i)Inadequate funding: In Nigeria, the tourism industry is poorly funded. Poor funding has led to the poor development of the sub- sector.

(ii)lack of access roads: In Nigeria, there is basically lack of access roads to most resort centres. Many of the roads are in bad shape and this tends not to attract tourists to such centres.

(iii) Poor publicity: Lack of effective publicity or communication system for publicizing the scenery, wildlife and cultural attractions to visitors is a big problem in the country.

(iv) Inadequate personnel: One of the problems of developing tourism attractions in Nigeria is the inadequacy of competent and trained tourism personnel. Very few personnel are trained and competent.

(v)lack of private investment: In Nigeria, tourism developement are left in the hand of government. Government alone cannot develop tourism in Nigeria.

(vi) Inadequate infrastructure: Basic infrast ucture like electricity, pipe- borne water etc are inadequate and in some areas are lacking and this tends to reduce the development of tourism in Nigeria.




Solar system is defined as a system comprising the sun, all the planets that revolve around it including their moons, the comets, meteoroids, asteroids and interplanetary medium.

(3bi) Earth:
(i) spherical or geoid shaped
(ii) It has more oxygen than other planets
(iii)It has one natural satellite
(iv) It is the 5th largest planet
(v) It has different seasons
(vi) It rotates on its axis

(i) It is the largest planet in our solar system and has a low density
(ii) It has a cloudy-looking atmosphere.
(iii) Its diameter is 88,815 miles which are eleven times larger than the diameter of Earth.
(iv) It is made of liquid metallic hydrogen in its interior which is a conductor of electricity creating a strong magnetic field as it rotates.
(v) It also has a rocky core with iron, silicon, and nickel.
(vi) It has a large red spot on its atmosphere which is thought to be a large storm that has lasted over 300 years.

Environmental Hazard , This is any natural or human induced event which poses a serious danger or risk to the lives and properties of people in their environment.

(i) Volcanic eruption
(ii) Hail
(iii) Hurricane
(iv) Floods
(v) Desert encroachment/ desertification
(vi) Environmental pollution



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