WAEC GCE English 2024/2025 Questions And Answers


WAEC GCE English 2024/2025 Questions And Answers

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The West African Examination Council (WAEC) Has Scheduled The Waec GCE English 2024 Paper To Kick Of On The 9th December, 2024.

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WAEC GCE English 2024/2025 Questions And Answers


Waec GCE English 2024 Questions And Answers First series

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Tags  Waec GCE English 2024 Questions And Answers

Waec GCE English Expo 2024 First Series

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2023 WAEC GCE English Language Past Questions And Answers

We have included our previous WAEC GCE English language past questions and answers in this section.

WAEC GCE English language Past Questions And Answers

Q1).You are the principal speaker in a debate on the motion: Carelessness is the main cause of accidents on our roads. Write your argument for or against the motio.




Ladies and gentlemen, distinguished judges, and fellow debaters, I stand before you today to argue against the motion that carelessness is the primary cause of accidents on our roads. While it is undeniable that carelessness contributes tothe occurrence of accidents, it is not the main or sole cause for the following reasons.

Firstly, we cannot overlook the role of external factors such as poor road conditions and infrastructure in causing accidents. In many cases, accidents occur due to faulty road design, lack of proper signage and signaling, or inadequate maintenance of roads. These factors can lead to hazardous situations that even the most cautious and attentive drivers can fall victim to. Therefore, blaming carelessness as the main cause of accidents would be an oversimplification of a complex issue.

Secondly, technological advancements have introduced new distractions that divert the attention of drivers, thus contributing to accidents. The extensive use of smartphones and other gadgets while driving has become a significant concern in recent years. However, attributing all accidents caused by distractions to carelessness would be unfair because it fails to acknowledge the addictive nature of technology and the responsibility of both manufacturers and users in developing safer alternatives.

We must consider the impact of external influences on the behavior of drivers. For instance, drivers may feel compelled to exceed speed limits due to time constraints or a culture that prioritizes punctuality. Similarly, aggressive driving behaviors can be provoked by a lack of strict enforcement of traffic laws and the absence of proper driver education and training programs. These external factors play a significant role in shaping driver behavior and therefore cannot be overlooked when discussing the main causes of accidents.

Lastly, it is important to recognize that human error is an inherent aspect of driving. We cannot expect drivers to be infallible at all times. Even the most cautious and responsible drivers can make mistakes or misjudge certain situations. It is crucial to tackle the root causes of these errors, such as improving driver education and training programs, rather than solely blaming the individual for accidents caused by human error.

In conclusion, while carelessness does contribute to road accidents, it is not the main cause. To truly address the issue of road accidents, we must consider external factors such as poor road conditions, technological distractions, and the influence of external pressures on driver behavior. By focusing solely on carelessness, we overlook the broader context in which accidents occur and fail to implement comprehensive and effective solutions to ensure road safety. Thank you.

Q2). Your elder sister who has successfully completed her studies overseas has decided to return home. Write a letter congratulating her and telling her the major changes that have taken place in your country since her departure.



                         2 Okeke Ukatu Street,
                         Asata, Enugu.
                         12th December, 2023.

Dear Oge,
I hope this letter finds you in the best of health and spirits. I am overjoyed to hear of your decision to return home after successfully completing your studies overseas. Congratulations on this significant achievement! Your determination, hard work, and resilience have truly paid off, and I cannot express how proud I am of you.

As you prepare to return to Nigeria, I wanted to share some updates on the major changes that have taken place in our beloved country since your departure. Nigeria, like any dynamic nation, has experienced both challenges and triumphs, and it’s essential to keep you informed about the current state of affairs.

Firstly, there have been notable improvements in infrastructure development. The government has initiated various projects aimed at enhancing road networks, renovating existing facilities, and investing in the energy sector. While there is still work to be done, these initiatives reflect a positive step towards creating a more conducive environment for businesses and the general populace.

Economically, Nigeria has witnessed some fluctuations, as is typical in the global economic landscape. Efforts have been made to diversify the economy beyond oil dependence, with a focus on sectors such as agriculture, technology, and manufacturing. The entrepreneurial spirit is thriving, and there is a growing emphasis on innovation and creativity.

In terms of technology, the country has seen significant advancements. The use of mobile phones and the internet has become pervasive, transforming various aspects of daily life. E-commerce platforms have gained popularity, making it easier for people to access goods and services. Additionally, initiatives in the tech industry are fostering a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship.

The social and cultural scene in Nigeria has continued to flourish. The arts, music, and film industries are thriving, gaining international recognition for their creativity and talent. There is a palpable sense of pride in our cultural heritage, and various events and festivals celebrate the diversity that defines us as Nigerians.

While these positive developments are encouraging, it is important to acknowledge the existing challenges. Issues such as security concerns, infrastructural deficits, and healthcare disparities persist. However, efforts are being made to address these challenges, and there is a collective determination among Nigerians to overcome obstacles and build a brighter future.

As you plan your return, know that you are coming back to a Nigeria that is evolving, with a mix of challenges and opportunities. Your experiences abroad and the knowledge you have gained will undoubtedly contribute to the growth and development of our country.

I look forward to welcoming you home and sharing in the next chapter of our lives together. Safe travels, and may your journey be filled with joy and anticipation.

                       Yours lovely,

Q3). Write a story on an experience that altered the course of your life


A Fateful Encounter

Life is a tapestry of moments, woven together by the threads of our experiences. These experiences shape and mold us, altering the course of our lives in ways we could never have anticipated. One such experience that left an indelible mark on my being occurred during the summer of my sophomore year in high school.

It was a scorching hot afternoon, with the sun beating down mercilessly. Seeking refuge from the oppressive heat, I decided to take a stroll in the local park. As I wandered through the winding trails, a sense of restlessness consumed me. Little did I know that this day would be etched into my memory forever.

Walking along the path, I noticed a group of children playing joyously near a dilapidated building. Curious, I approached, my interest piqued by their laughter. I soon discovered that this building was an orphanage, which housed children who had nowhere else to go.

Impulsively, I found myself volunteering at the orphanage the following day. The moment I stepped through its worn-out doors, I was greeted with warmth and innocence that radiated from the children. Their eyes gleamed with hope, despite their circumstances. It was here, in this unlikely place, that my life took an unforeseen turn.

During my time at the orphanage, I was introduced to a child named Emily. At first glance, Emily appeared to be just like the other children—full of life and curiosity. However, as I spent more time with her, I realized that she had a rare condition that left her unable to walk without assistance. Her enchanting smile masked the struggles she faced each day.

Emily’s resilience and determination inspired me. She refused to let her physical limitations define her, taking on challenges with unwavering courage. Witnessing her unwavering spirit, I began to question my own perspective on life. I had always taken my abilities for granted, never fully appreciating the opportunities afforded to me.

This encounter with Emily served as a catalyst for change within me. It ignited a fervor to make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate. I became driven to advocate for equal opportunities and accessibility for individuals with disabilities. Inspired by Emily’s strength, I began organizing fundraisers and awareness campaigns, aiming to make the world a more inclusive place for everyone.

As time went on, my involvement in charity work grew. I collaborated with local organizations, spreading awareness about disabilities and working to provide support systems for those in need. The experience with Emily not only altered my course of action but also instilled in me a sense of purpose.

Looking back, I realize how this chance encounter transformed my perspective on life. Emily taught me to embrace gratitude, to value what I have, and to extend a helping hand to those in need. Her presence awakened a dormant passion within me and compelled me to make a lasting impact for the betterment of society.

Sometimes, it takes one profound experience to reshape our lives completely. In that sweltering summer day, I found not only purpose but also a deep appreciation for the fragile dance of life. Emily’s story and her unwavering resilience continue to guide me, lighting the paths of those who have lost their way. Through her, my life has taken a beautiful detour, forever changing the way I perceive the world.

In conclusion, life is punctuated by moments that shift our trajectory. This fateful encounter with Emily transformed me into an advocate for those with disabilities, igniting a passion within me that continues to burn brightly. I am forever grateful for the profound impact she had on my life, reminding me of the power we hold to shape our own destinies.

Q4). Write an article suitable for publication in a national newspaper on the need for government to censor music videos.


The Importance of Government Censorship of Music Videos

Music videos have become an influential form of entertainment, captivating audiences across the globe. However, the content portrayed in some of these music videos raises concerns regarding its potential impact on individuals, especially the young and impressionable. In light of this, there is a growing need for government intervention in the form of censorship to ensure responsible and socially acceptable content.

Protecting Vulnerable Audiences:
One of the primary reasons for government-imposed censorship on music videos is to shield vulnerable audiences, particularly children and adolescents, from explicit or harmful content. Young minds are highly susceptible to influence, and exposure to inappropriate material through music videos can have detrimental effects on their psychological and moral development. By implementing strict guidelines and regulations, governments can enforce age-appropriate ratings on music videos to safeguard young viewers from explicit imagery, violence, or graphic language.

Promoting Positive Values:
Music videos have the potential to serve as powerful tools for conveying positive messages and promoting social change. However, in many instances, they may instead glorify violence, promote substance abuse, or objectify women. Censorship allows the government to set standards that ensure music videos adhere to ethical guidelines, encouraging artists to create content that fosters unity, respect, and understanding among diverse groups. By doing so, governments can play a significant role in shaping a society that values inclusivity and upholds positive ideals.

Maintaining Cultural Sensitivity:
Music is a universal language that transcends borders, allowing artists to express their creativity and cultural heritage. However, it is crucial to strike a balance between artistic freedom and cultural sensitivity. Government censorship enables authorities to assess music videos for offensive or culturally insensitive content that may perpetuate stereotypes or create tension among communities. By intervening in such cases, governments can protect cultural diversity and encourage artists to embrace their traditions while fostering mutual respect and understanding.

Preserving Public Morality:
An ever-evolving society relies on a shared set of moral values and ethical standards. Music videos, as a prominent medium of communication, should not undermine these principles. Government censorship of music videos ensures that they do not promote explicit sexual content, gratuitous violence, or excessive vulgarity that may erode public morality. By setting appropriate boundaries, the government can ensure that music videos remain a form of art that entertains without crossing ethical lines.

While artistic freedom is essential, the need for government censorship of music videos is undeniable. Balancing creative expression with responsible content creation ensures the protection of vulnerable audiences, promotes positive values, maintains cultural sensitivity, and preserves public morality. By implementing thoughtful guidelines, governments can support the growth of a responsible and socially aware entertainment industry that caters to diverse audiences while safeguarding the collective well-being of society as a whole.



Discipline is needed in human interactions to ensure that our lives are regulated and to maintain harmony in society.

To win, an athlete needs to have excellent skills, but more importantly, they need to be disciplined enough to use those skills successfully and follow the rules of the sport.

Human beings are social creatures because we are designed to live in society and depend on one another. Living in a community allows us to thrive and fulfill our needs.

By exercising self-control, one ultimately gains the ability to respond appropriately to difficult situations and prevent harm to oneself and others.

Discipline can be acquired through effort and practice. It requires developing the willingness to comply with regulations and having self-control.


(i) Subordinate clause.
(ii) Its function is to provide additional information about the context in which discipline is required.

(i) Harmony – Accord
(ii) Chaos – Disorder
(iii) Control – Regulation
(iv) Excelling – Succeeding
(v) Breaching – Violating
(vi) Consequences – Results.



  • A good leader is able to communicate effectively and carry everyone along
  • A good leader does the right thing always
  • A good leader is a team player, allowing team members to contribute to every task
  • A good leader rewards workers either in cash or kind and build a personal relationship with them
  • A good leader is dedicated and focused on the task at hand
  • A good leader is understanding and is able to strike a good balance between work and life

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