WAEC GCE Chemistry 2022 Questions and Answers

WAEC GCE Chemistry 2022 Questions and Answers

WAEC GCE Chemistry 2022 Questions and Answers

The west African examination council (WAEC) has scheduled waec gce chemistry 2022 paper to kick off by 13th December 2022.

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Waec gce chemistry question 2022

WAEC GCE Chemistry 2022 Questions and Answers


Waec gce chemistry Objective Answer 2022

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Waec gce chemistry theory answer 2022

A solution of ammonia is basic, hence it turns red litmes blue.


A catalyst, concentrated tetraoxosulphate(vi) acid must be used to speed up the reaction.

CaC₂(s) + H₂0(l) —> C₂H₂(g) + CaO(s)

It is used in the production of oxy-acetylene flame used for welding.

(i) Motarity
(ii) Masses
(iii) Saturation level.

(i) Rusting requires moisture but burning does not.
(ii) Burning requires heat while rusting does not.

The K₂Cr₂O7 is reduced.

Hydrogen gas is geven off with the formation of iron(11) Chloride (green).

(i) Carbon(1V)Oxide, CO₂
(ii) Steam,
(iii) Heat energy

CxHy + (x + Y/A) —-> xC0₂ + y/₂ H₂0.

CH4 + 20₂ —-> CO₂ + 2H₂0

Law of constant composition which states that equal volumes of all gases contain equal quantities of Particles at constant temperature and pressure.


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Waec gce chemistry practical answer 2022

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