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Waec GCE 2020/2021 Agric Practical Answers Now Posted

Agric Practical –


10; 20 ; 15

Nitrogen =10/45*50=500/45



(ii)It acids their growth

(i) Broadcasting
(ii) placement
(iii)foliar application
(iv) injection into soil

(ii) ammonium phosphate
(iii)urea,s and K salts


A: Rake
B: Head pan
C: Spas

A(i) Removing rubbish from the farm
(ii) Leveling of soil surface

B(i) Mixing manure
(ii) Collection of harvested crops

C(i) Transporting of seedling
(ii) Digging hole

Wooden handle.
Metal blade

(i) They must not be left lying about in the farm
(ii) Use them for their right purpose
(iii) Sharpen them
(iv) They must not be exposed to sunlight


(i) layering

(ii)bent branch

(i)bend the brancg
(ii)insert into the soil
(iii)cover it with soil particles
(iv)peg it to hold it down
(v)apply water

(i) ensure the branch did not Separate totally from parent plant
(ii)ensure there is enough supply of water
(iii)ensure the peg hold the bent branch firmly



I. Ear – notching.
II. Branding
III. Numbering
IV. Ear tagging

(i)it aid easy identification
(ii)it does not expose farm animal to disease attack

(i)it brings about easy identification
(ii)it beautify the livestock

(i)the number can be easily erased
(ii)the Animal cannot be easily located when stolen

(i)it cause pain for livestock
(ii)it expose livestock to attack of diseases

(i)to prevent them from being stolen
(ii)it beautifies them
(iii)it brings about easy Separation of farm animals


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