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Section A:- Essay

A cult can be said to emanate from great and excessive admiration or belief in a person or idea. This could be manifested in rituals, praise songs, chants and worship. It is an unquestionable practice that may be difficult to dislodge even with superior argument. Secret cult could therefore be defined as a set of practices, belief system or idea whose essence is known only to the inner members and excessively admired and defended even to the point of laying down one’s life. Secret cult groups have in recent years expanded fast, become bold, and gradually becoming a societal norm. They have been left largely unchecked by the security agencies thus operating in such ways that they cannot be described as a ‘secret cult’ any longer but a cult group.

Cult activities in Nigerian universities include various forms of violence to suppress other cult groups, tormenting innocent and vulnerable students, organising raids, and in some cases armed robberies. Cult members are also used as thugs during election to foster violence and rig elections in favour of their sponsors. It is hard to believe that someone who gets inducted into a cult group would be moulded into a better person because these groups preach negative values that would gradually turn one into a menace in the high schools and colleges.

In Nigeria cult groups have not been restricted to corners of the university campuses. They have spread into the society at large and operate in various cells in our communities. Cult groups now recruit their members from tender age as early as secondary school students, they also recruit non-students in a bid to grow their membership.



I’m sitting in a cafe in Melbourne when that song comes on, When Will I Be Famous? There I am sipping a fvlat white, they love their flat whites over here, and listening to this Aussie lad bang on about how he’s really into minimal techno. I’m nodding away to the sounds of Bros and smiling to myself, he probably thinks I’m being ironic or something. Molly would have been so much better at this online dating thing. She wouldn’t zone out in the middle of a conversation and start daydreaming about some boyband from the 1980s.

We used to sing it together at a karaoke bar called Same Same But Different during our J1 summer in New York, her on lead vocals, me on backing. We’d mock fight over which of us could have Luke Goss, the one we had decided was the better looking of the identical twins in Bros. But I knew if the unlikely situation did arise, Molly would get Luke and I’d have to settle for his slightly less handsome brother Matt. She loved that song, she was the one who wanted to be famous. In the end, she had her picture splashed across the newspapers for the worst possible reason. “Tragic twin” they called her.

The guy, his name is Luke funnily enough, is going on and on about how you can never replicate the sound of vinyl on a computer. I want to point out that minimal techno, as far as I’m aware, is made on a computer but I resist the temptation.

Instead I say “I was in New York a few years ago and I bought this Talking Heads record in a second-hand shop, but then I brought it to the cinema and my friend sat on it and broke it. I haven’t bought a record since.”



WAEC English Language Essay /Test of Oral / Obj Questions & Answers – 2020 May/June Exam

Waec Gce ( 1st Series ) 2020 Biology Obj & Essay Answer Now Available

Section B:-

The purpose of the gathering was to open a new house built by Chukwudi.

They enjoyed the celebrants dance which then hired everyone to dance.

People ate to their fill and as well, some drank to the extent they became intoxicated because there was surplus food and drink.

(i) The anticlimax in the passage is the reminding of the repayment of the loan procured by Chukwudi to the brotherhood support bank.

(ii) Because, no sooner had he enjoyed the fullness of the celebration than he was reminded the task and implication of his loan settlement.

The bank official was jolted back ro reality in a glimpse.
The figure of speech used -METAPHOR

Because it compares the slave with the liquor.

i) Adverbial Clause.
Ii) it qualifies the word “Designated”

(i) Appreciate- Adequate
(ii) clutched – Gripped
(iii)helping- portion
(iv) steeped – engrossed
(iv)Earnestly- Sincerely


i) Proverbs are rich source of imagery and wisdom
ii) Proverbs are pithy and terse

i) It is used by adults comment on the behavior of people who are going astray
ii) It is employed by parents when counselling their children
iii) It is used to resolved conflict
iv) It is an important tools in oratory

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