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WAEC Food And Nutrition 2023 Essay And Objective Questions and Answers Expo

WAEC Food And Nutrition 2023 Essay and Objective Questions And Answers Expo

The West African Examination Council (WAEC) Has Scheduled The Waec Food And Nutrition 2023 Paper To Kick Of On The 22nd May, 2023.

This brings the attention of candidates writing the exam in to searching for Waec Food And Nutrition 2023 Essay and Objective Questions And Answers, WAEC food and nutrition Expo 2023, waec food and nutrition questions and answers 2023, 2023 Waec Food And Nutrition Questions and Answers and etc.

Waec Food And Nutrition 2023 Essay and Objective Questions And Answers

In this section, you will read the steps and requirements needed for you to get Waec Food And Nutrition 2023 Essay and Objective Questions And Answers before exam.

WAEC Food And Nutrition 2023 Paper is Categorized in to 2 parts:

  • WAEC Food And Nutrition Essay 2023
  • WAEC Food And Nutrition Objective 2023

Here on zamgist, we have solved all the questions. That is Waec 2023 Food And Nutrition Essay and Objective 2023.

WAEC Food And Nutrition 2023 Essay And Objective Questions and Answers Expo




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WAEC Food And Nutrition Expo 2023

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WAEC Syllabus for Food and Nutrition 2023

The WAEC syllabus for Food and Nutrition is a crucial resource for students preparing for the examination. This comprehensive guide provides the aims and objectives, along with the necessary notes and format for the Food and Nutrition exam.

Studying the syllabus is essential to ensure effective exam preparation and to gain a thorough understanding of the topics.

By utilizing this guide, students can enhance their knowledge and performance in the Food and Nutrition examination.

Importance of the WAEC Syllabus for Food and Nutrition 2023 

1. Guidance for Exam Preparation: The Food and Nutrition syllabus serves as a reliable guide for students, outlining the specific topics they need to focus on during their preparation. It ensures that students cover all the essential areas required for the examination.

2. Conceptual Understanding: The syllabus provides detailed notes on various concepts that students should pay attention to while learning. It helps in building a strong foundation of knowledge, enabling students to grasp the subject matter effectively.

3. Maximizing Productivity: Attempting exam preparations without utilizing the Food and Nutrition syllabus is akin to going to the farm without agricultural tools. It is vital to use this valuable resource to optimize productivity and ensure a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter.

Overview of WAEC Food and Nutrition:

Food is a fundamental human need, and its significance extends beyond mere sustenance. Consuming nutritious food is vital for optimal functioning in all aspects of life. The WAEC Food and Nutrition curriculum emphasizes the importance of selecting, preparing, and cooking wholesome food to promote health and well-being among individuals. Additionally, this vocational subject equips students with skills relevant to the world of work, encouraging creativity in utilizing local foods and meeting the nutritional needs of consumers.

Aims and Objectives

1. Acquiring Basic Knowledge: The syllabus aims to provide candidates with a foundational understanding of foods and nutrition, ensuring they possess essential knowledge in the subject area.

2. Understanding Nutrition and Health: Candidates are expected to comprehend the relationship between nutrition and health, recognizing the impact of dietary choices on overall well-being.

3. Identifying Career Opportunities: The syllabus aims to familiarize students with various career paths in foods and nutrition while equipping them with skills for further studies in the field.

4. Meal Planning and Preparation: Candidates will learn to apply general principles in meal planning, selection, preparation, and serving of food for different occasions, catering to the needs of families and other consumers.

5. Efficient and Safe Kitchen: Students will understand the importance of planning an efficient and safe kitchen, as well as gain knowledge on effective utilization, maintenance, and storage of kitchen equipment and tools.

6. Sanitation and Food Processing: The syllabus emphasizes the significance of sanitation in kitchen food preparation and service, along with the basic principles of food processing, storage, and preservation.

7. Consumer Education: Candidates will acquire basic knowledge in consumer education, enabling them to make informed choices and apply research skills to experiment, develop, and enhance local dishes.

8. Entrepreneurship: The syllabus equips students with the fundamental skills required to set up and manage a food-related business, utilizing the knowledge and expertise gained throughout the course.

Scheme of Examination:

The examination consists of three papers, namely Papers 1, 2, and 3, all of which are mandatory. Papers 1 and 2 are composite papers to be taken in a single sitting.

PAPER 1: This section comprises sixty multiple-choice questions, which must be answered within one hour, carrying a total of 60 marks.

PAPER 2: Candidates are required to answer four out of six essay questions in this section. The paper carries 40 marks and lasts for one hour and fifteen minutes.

PAPER 3: This practical test lasts for three hours and is conducted by a visiting examiner. It carries 100 marks, assessing the practical skills of the candidates.

WAEC Syllabus for Food and Nutrition 2023

The syllabus covers a wide range of topics related to food and nutrition. Below is an outline of the key areas included:

Nutrition and Health

  • Introduction to Foods and Nutrition
  • Careers associated with Foods and Nutrition
  • Basic Food Nutrients
  • Meal Management
  • Meal Planning
  • Special Nutritional Needs

Food Laboratory and Equipment

  • The Kitchen
  • Kitchen Equipment and Tools
  • Safety in the Kitchen
  • Sanitation in the Kitchen

Food Commodities

  • Food Storage and Preservation
  • Food Preparation
  • Flour Cookery and Confectionery
  • Beverages
  • Convenience Foods
  • Rechauffe (Leftover) Foods
  • Festive Dishes/Special Occasion Dishes

Art of Entertaining

  • Experimental Cookery
  • Research into Local Dishes and Drinks
  • Consumer Education
  • Food Budgeting
  • Food Purchasing
  • Self-Employment

Setting up and Managing a Catering Enterprise

  • Work Ethics
  • Packaging

By comprehensively studying and understanding these topics as per the syllabus, students can prepare themselves effectively for the Food and Nutrition examination.


The WAEC Food and Nutrition syllabus plays a vital role in guiding students’ exam preparation. Its aims, objectives, and comprehensive coverage of various topics ensure that students acquire the necessary knowledge and skills in the field of foods and nutrition.

By following the syllabus, students can maximize their productivity, excel in the examination, and potentially pursue future opportunities in this domain.

Therefore, it is essential for aspiring candidates to utilize this valuable resource to enhance their understanding and perform optimally in the examination.

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