Uche Nancy Daughters Names And Age

Uche Nancy Daughters Names And Age

Uche Nancy Daughters Names And Age

Uche Nancy Daughters Names And Age: Are you here trying to find out who are the daughters of uche nancy and their ages?

If yes, then congratulations for being here on zamgist as you will get to know all the four daughters of uche nancy and also know their ages.

Uche nancy has four daughters which are all females, among her daughters are Sonia uche, Chinenye nnebe, Ijeoma nnebe and Jesinta nnebe.

Before we go deep in to this article, I will like to give you a short biography of uche nancy.

Uche Nancy Daughters Names And Age

About Uche Nancy

Uche Nancy is a popular Nigerian Nollywood actress, director, television personality, and movie producer. She was born and grew up in anambra state.

The actress was born and brought up in Ufuma, Anambra State. She did her primary and secondary school all in through state.

Uche is happily married to her lovely husband called Nnebe and God has blessed their marriage with four georgeous daughters.

The two among uche nancy Daughters are chinenye and sonia, who are currently among the top rising Nollywood actress now.

Uche Nancy Daughters Names And Age

Names of Uche Nancy daughters are as follow:

S/N Uche Nancy daughters Ages
1. Sonia Uche 27 years Old
2. Ijeoma Nnebe 25 years old
3. Jesinta Nnebe 23 years old
4. Chinenye Nnebe 21 years old

1. Sonia Uche

Sonia Uche was born on May 25 1995, and she is the first daughter of uche nancy. She is also the sister of another actress, Chinenye Nnebe.

Sonia is a rising star in Nollywood and a budding director.

2. Ijeoma Nnebe

Ijeoma nnebe who is a second daughter to uche nancy was born on july 20 1997, people also known her as pretty omah.

Pretty omah (ijeoma nnebe) is a business woman and also a nollywood actress, and she is among the top rising celebrities in the movie industry.

3. Jesinta nnebe

Jesinta nnebe is the third daughter of uche nancy who was born on February 3, 1999.

4. Chinenye Nnebe

Chinenye Nnebe who is the fourth and last daughter of uche nancy, was born on April 5, 2001. She is well-known in the Nollywood community.

Talented young woman who has become well-known for her work as an actress, model, and brand ambassador.

Her mother, Uche Nancy, a well-known costumier and film producer, exposed her to the cinema business when she was a young child.


This has come to the end of this article about uche nancy daughters name and ages, do you have any wishes for this great family? Kindly drop a comment or a prayer for them.

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