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Show Why Bono Is Committed To His Friendship With Troy

Welcome to zamgist where we answered the question asked on 2023 waec literature drama and poetry exam: Show Why Bono Is Committed To His Friendship With Troy

Show Why Bono Is Committed To His Friendship With Troy

Bono is portrayed as a loyal and committed friend to the protagonist, Troy Maxson. Bono’s dedication to their friendship can be attributed to several reasons such in a way that firstly Bono and Troy have a long history together, spanning many years.

They have been friends since their time in prison, and this shared experience has created a bond between them. Bono values their history and the trust they have built over time, which strengthens his commitment to their friendship.

Secondly, on their mutual support as Bono is a constant source of support for Troy, and vice versa. They lean on each other during difficult times, sharing their triumphs and hardships. Bono often acts as a sounding board for Troy’s struggles and offers advice and guidance when needed. This mutual support creates a sense of camaraderie and deepens their friendship.

Thirdly, Bono has a deep understanding of Troy’s flaws, shortcomings, and complexities. Despite Troy’s sometimes difficult and abrasive nature, Bono accepts him for who he is.

He recognizes Troy’s humanity and respects his experiences, allowing for a genuine connection based on acceptance and understanding.

Further more Bono is fiercely loyal to Troy. He stands by him through thick and thin, even when Troy’s actions or decisions may be questionable. Bono remains steadfast and committed, demonstrating his unwavering loyalty to their friendship.

Additionally, Bono and Troy share certain values and beliefs. They both have a strong work ethic and a sense of responsibility.

They understand the importance of providing for their families and the struggles faced by black men in a racial and more also these shared values further solidify their bond and commitment to each other.

It’s clear that Bono sees beyond Troy’s flaws and remains dedicated to their friendship, embodying the qualities of a steadfast and loyal friend.

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