Rosemary chukwu biography: Wiki, Albums & Songs Download

Rosemary chukwu biography: Wiki, Albums & Songs Download

Rosemary chukwu biography, Rosemary chukwu Wiki, Rosemary chukwu Albums & Songs Download: We are very proud of this article. This is the first in the series of seven articles on Rosemary Chukwu and her songs.

Rosemary chukwu biography

Rosemary Chukwu is a great gospel artist and lady of God who was born in Nigeria. She was born and reared in Nigeria’s Enugu State.

Chukwu has been singing since she was three years old, singing at family gatherings and church services on Sundays.

At age five, she memorized a song that she had written. It was a song called “The Gospel Is In Your Heart” (GIGO) written by her aunt, Aida Ulukachi of Freetown, Sierra Leone.

The song had been recorded by other singers such as Zaneba Wicks (“The Gospel Is In Your Heart”), Dawn Wilson (“The Gospel Is In Your Heart”) and Tassa Timbo (“The Gospel Is In Your Heart”).

However, unlike most gospel singers who have received much financial support from their parents for music studies or for piano training, Rosemary didn’t receive any money from her parents for her singing career; only food when she was forced to work as an au pair in Canada to help pay for her school fees when she was twelve years old.

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Rosemary sang throughout the Midwest United States from early 2000 to early 2007 as part of the Chukwu Family Band along with members Nnimmo Bassey and David Chukwu before returning to Sierra Leone for seven months during 2007–2008 to sing with the GIGO choir at several church services in Freetown where she met other musicians who would later become lifelong friends including Dr Charles Okafor, who later became her husband; Aida Ulukachi; Nnimmo Bassey; Dr Charles Okafor; Sanna Masuku; Obinna Adeku-Gbejele; Andor Ugbogu; among others.

During this time period Rosemary also sang with various groups such as The Wayfarers (Chukwu Family Band), The Family Band (Allan Chukwu), The Greatest Generation (Chukwu Family Band) and others through out the Midwest United States until returning back to Nigeria during late 2007 and early 2008 where she formed a new group called ‘Chukwi Peace Team’ which performed all over Nigeria promoting peace and unity through music due to the effects on their lives being forced into.

Rosemary chukwu biography: Wiki, Albums & Songs Download

Rosemary Chukwu Wiki

Rosemary Chukwu is a gospel musician, wife and mother of five from Enugu State, Nigeria. She was born on February 9, 1970 in Enugu City.

Rosemary is the daughter of Pastor David Chukwu-Oguejegbu and his wife, Eunice (née Onumaegbu) Chukwu-Oguejegbu. She has five siblings: Sarah, Veronica, David Jr., Efua (age 43), and three sisters: Rebecca (age 40), Erin (age 35) and Amenatuko (age 28).

She was a child prodigy as she was taught by her mother to play various musical instruments at an early age. Her first instrument was the lead guitar which she learned by playing with her father in the church choir.

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She is also a skillful vocalist in praise to God who gave her many gifts during her childhood including singing, dancing, performing and acting. Rosemary was raised in the church music ministry where she studied music from an early age. Her father eventually became her primary mentor and she received training from him on different instruments including the guitar and piano before graduating from high school.

It was at 12 years old when Rosemary started singing in a Christian choir based in Nigeria called St James Baptist Church which later became known as “Chukwu Ministries” or “Church of God” or “Chukwu Ministries International” until its name changed to “Rosemary Chukwu Ministries International” later called “Chukwu Ministries Worldwide” after her promotion as a singer in 2004 that same year.

In 2000, Rosemary married David Onumaegbu who had preceded her by two years after meeting him through church choir days when he had joined “The Church of God” with his pregnant wife at 12 years old who had just given birth to their first child two weeks before Christmas 1999.

After their wedding, Rosemary took care of David’s family while he worked for one year in a pharmaceutical company before becoming one of the founding members of The Church of God International alongside his late brother Seun Onumaegbu .

In 2003 Rosemary released her solo debut album titled “When I Get Home” which included “Don’t Let Me Be A Stranger”, “Forever”, “I’m In Love With You”. In 2005 it was re-released under Virgin Records under the title “You Don

Rosemary Chukwu Songs

I am a proud Nigerian and a believer of God. I am a songwriter and I write songs. I was born in Enugu State (Nigeria) into a very religious family. As such, my life has always been full of prayer, worship and singing.

While growing up in Nigeria, I used to listen to gospel music on my radio at home, but the music came with other messages.

I recall the time when my mom bought me an old cassette tape with some songs by R&B singer Rosemary Chukwu on it.

It was the first time for me to hear R&B music on cassette tape (golf cassettes back then).

I didn’t know any R&B singer back then. But after hearing her songs on cassette tape, I fell in love with her voice instantly.

Her voice is soothing and beautiful at the same time; soft yet strong at the same time; warm yet cold at the same time; warm and cool at the same time; sweet yet deep at the same time; simple yet complex at the same time…and so on…

Inspired by her songs, I started writing my own songs based on what she sings in them years ago.

In a way even as a child, she taught me how to write a song without lyrics as well as how to perform them live without lyrics too!

That was no easy feat for me because I never knew how to play instruments or sing before that!

She’s like a mother to me since childhood because she taught me everything from singing, playing drums/guitar/piano etc., performing live without lyrics when we were children, how to write songs without words (without writing any down), how to perform live without words when we were kids…she helped us not only learn but also teach us what she had learned too!

Rosemary Chukwu Songs:

Rosemary Chukwu Music:

Rosemary Chukwu Albums

Rosemary Chukwu is a Nigerian-born powerful gospel musician and woman of God. She was born and raised in Enugu State, Nigeria.

Her extensive career began at the age of six, when she became a professional drummer in a local gospel band called the Chukwu Players. The band was headed by her father, as her mother was a talented pianist.

The Chukwu Players were one of the biggest gospel bands in Enugu State, Nigeria at that time. They were among the first bands to practice percussion and have been credited with influencing many other musicians who followed their path.

Rosemary studied music at the University of Ilorin (UNILORIN) College of Music, where she graduated with a degree in Music Education with First Class Honours. During her time at UNILORIN College of Music, Rosemary has been awarded the Matt Chadwick Award for Excellence on May 4th 2013 for her work in promoting music education through music.

She is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in Theology from Free University (FU), Abuja and has just started working on her PhD programme as well. She is currently teaching music to students at FU Abuja’s University Institute Of Music And Dance (UIMAD) while working towards completing her post-graduate studies.

Rosemary Chukwu is one of Nigeria’s most influential gospel musicians and women of God, who has made an impact on various musical genres such as hip-hop, reggae and dancehall among others through lyrics that discuss issues such as poverty, racism and sexism among others; this has led to some critics accusing Rosemary of hypocrisy for not being open about her family life via social media posts though she has released several albums including “God Don’t Let Me Cry” (2007), “I Love You So Much That I Would Give My Life For You (2009) & “Jesus Loves Me This Way” (2013).


Rosemary Chukwu has been a pioneer in the field of gospel music. She has been able to reach out to the people with her awesome talent and is one of Nigeria’s many female musicians alongside Joy Ogbonnaya, Tunde Kelani, K.C.Alexander, and many more.

She was born on 11th February 1935, in Enugu State, Nigeria during the period when Enugu was still a part of the British Empire and it was renamed “Ibadan” after the arrival of Queen Elizabeth II in 1977.

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