Physics WAEC GCE 2023 Questions And Answers [7TH – DEC – 2023]

Physics WAEC GCE 2023 Questions And Answers

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Physics WAEC GCE 2023 Questions And Answers

Physics WAEC GCE 2023 Questions And Answers






(i) Fibre optic endoscopy for minimally invasive surgeries and diagnostics.

(ii) Optical coherence tomography for high-resolution imaging of tissues.

(III) Laser-based treatments for various medical conditions.

(iv) Optical fibre sensors for monitoring vital signs and assessing patient conditions.

(v) Fibre optic communication for transmitting medical data and images securely.

(vi) Fibre optic imaging systems for ophthalmology and dentistry.




(i) Fibre optic communication systems for secure and fast data transmission.

(ii) Perimeter security systems using fibre optic sensors for intrusion detection.

(iii) Fibre optic gyroscopes for accurate navigation and targeting in missiles and aircraft.

(iv) Fibre optic strain sensors for structural health monitoring of military vehicles and equipment.
(v) Laser-based weapons systems utilizing fibre optics for targeting and control.

(vi) Underwater sensing and communication systems for submarines and naval operations.


A perfect blackbody refers to an idealized object that absorbs all incoming radiation across the entire electromagnetic spectrum, without reflecting or transmitting any of it.


(i) The peak of the intensity-wavelength graph shifts towards shorter wavelengths as the temperature increases.

(ii) The graph becomes broader and more spread out as the temperature increases.

(iii) The maximum intensity of the graph increases as the temperature increases.

(iv) At lower temperatures, the graph is skewed towards longer wavelengths, while at higher temperatures, it becomes more symmetrical.

(v) The area under the graph, representing the total radiation emitted, increases with temperature.

(vi) As the temperature increases, the wavelength at which the intensity drops to zero shifts towards shorter wavelengths.

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