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Outline Paul’s teaching on Civic Responsibility


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Outline Paul’s teaching on Civic Responsibility

(i) Submission to authorities: Paul emphasizes the importance of obeying and submitting to the governing authorities in Romans 13:1-7. He teaches that these authorities have been established by God and therefore, should be respected and obeyed.

(ii) Paying taxes: Paul urges Christians to pay their dues in the form of taxes. He states that this is a way of expressing our submission to the governing authorities and respect for law and order.


(iii) Exercise justice: Paul’s teaching on civic responsibility also includes a call to exercise justice. We should not only seek justice for ourselves but should also strive for justice in our society as a whole.

(iv) Respect for the governing laws: Paul encourages Christians to obey the laws of the land, protect property, and practice justice and fairness in all civil matters.

(v) Respect for human life: Paul encourages Christians to value the lives of others and to show respect for all human life.

(vi) Love your neighbor: Paul emphasizes the importance of loving your neighbor by reminding us that we should do unto others as we would have them do unto us.

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