Netnaija Action Movies (Page 2)

Netnaija Action Movies (Page 2)

Welcome to netnaija action movies (page 2), where you can watch and download the latest action movies from Netnaija.

Netnaija Action Movies is a Nigerian video and music downloading website founded in 2009 by Okunlola Adekunle Abiodun and Analike Emmanuel Bridge, both of whom are Nigerian-born computer programmers.

In 2010, they launched Netnaija website, an entertainment portal that provides music hits and movies to entertain Nigerians and international viewers.

The site, which has received attention from various media outlets and earned three awards from the Nigerian Entertainment Portal Awards, is currently run by Abiodun who manages the site, while Bridge handles accounts and marketing. Action Movies has been featured in outlets such as “TV Guide,” “The Telegraph,” and “The Guardian,” and has received a rating of 3/5 stars.


Netnaija Action Movies (Page 2)

Below are the latest netnaija action movies (page 2) that you may like to download and watch:

S/N Netnaija Action Movies (Page 2) (Name) Download Section
1. Dog Gone Download
2. Mumbai Mafia: Police vs the Underworld (2023) Download
3. Violent Night (2022) Download
4. Hell Dogs (2022) [Japanese] Download
5. High Heat (2022) Download
6. Mindcage (2022) Download
7. Renegades (2022) Download
8. The Ambush (2021) [Arabic] Download
9. Detective Knight: Redemption (2022) Download
10. Emancipation (2022) Download
11. Warriors of Future (2022) [Chinese] Download
12. Troll (2022) [Norwegian] Download
13. My Name Is Vendetta (2022) [Italian] Download
14. A Man of Action (2022) [Spanish] Download
15. Project Wolf Hunting (2022) [Korean] Download

how to download from netnaija (page 2)

To download action movies from netnaija, simply follow the procedures below:

  • Highlight the movie you want to download from the above menu
  • On the right hand side of the table, you will see download button next to each video
  • Click on the download button, and it will take you to the download page
  • Finally, tap on download and it will be downloaded to your device.

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