NEDC Registration portal 2022

NEDC Registration portal 2022
Are you here looking for NEDC Registration portal 2022? Nedc Registration Portal Login? Nedc Application Portal And Nedc Recruitment. On This page we shared all the details about NEDC Registration portal 2023, Nedc Registration Portal Login, Nedc Application Portal And Nedc Recruitment. You may like to check: Ng Cares Application Portal for All States

About NEDC Registration portal 2022

  The NEDC’s vision is to transform Nigeria’s northeast area into a safe, economically viable, ICT-driven 21st-century region. The NEDC wants to establish ICT Resource Training Centers within Higher Institutions in GTB states, as well as remodel existing ICT Resource Training Centers in BAY states, in order to achieve this vision. These centers will provide training in areas like as entrepreneurship, bookkeeping, computer fundamentals, digital graphics design, and smartphone management and repair to adolescents. The NEDC’s mission is to build a strong local content-driven ICT business that provides Social and Economic Services to the people of the Northeast via her trained participants. We anticipate that this will result in additional jobs being created throughout the region, as well as the development of human capability. Youths from various sectors of the community and catchment areas around the centers will participate in the program, which will focus on improving literacy and skill development modules. Each participant will receive training in entrepreneurship, computer appreciation, and basic accounting, following which they will be divided into two groups (based on choice and personal capabilities). One group will be trained in Graphic Design Classes, while the other will be trained in Smartphone Repairs.


1. The Nedc Ict Resource Training Program

Our mission is to catalyze the creation of new enterprises and secure the survival of current firms in Nigeria’s North East area.

2. Entrepreneurship Development & Book Keeping

The participants’ mindsets are re-engineered in this training. Participants learn about what it takes to be an entrepreneur, how successful entrepreneurs think, and what they need to do to be successful. It also includes a course on bookkeeping for small business owners to provide program participants with the tools they need to be successful businesses.

3. Fundamentals of computing

As most of our participants would not have had previous interactions with a computer system prior to participating on the program, the computer appreciation course was designed to prepare participants for the major Computer related courses of the ICT Resource Training program. Participants undergo trainings on introduction to parts and functions of the computer system and how to use various software applications to solve everyday computing needs.

4. Smartphone Repairs

The principles of communications, the component elements of the smartphone, an introduction to basic electronics, and how everything comes together during repairs will be covered in the smartphone repairs course. Participants will be able to repair any type of smartphone, both hardware and software, by the end of the course.

5. Graphics Design

For strategic considerations, graphic design was added to the list of courses. Beautiful works of art and craft can be found in the north. The graphics design training was created with the region’s culture and needs in mind. Participants will be able to create and print images successfully, combine computer designs in hat making, clothing design, calendars, and other items, and generate cash by the end of the course.

How to register for NEDC?

Here Are The Steps On How To Register For NEDC

Step 1

Visit the NEDC Application portal at:

Step 2

Enter your first name and last name in the spaces provided

Step 3

Select your state of origin, State of residence and Local government.

Step 4

Select Your preferred study center and course.

Step 5

Type in your residential address in the appropriate column.

Step 6

Type in your phone number and email address and tap on th register button.

List of States Eligible for NEDC Program

  1. Borno state
  2. Yobe state
  3. Bauchi
  4. Adanawa
  5. Gombe
  6. Taraba
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  1. I applied For NEDC early this year around April 2022.
    But,unfortunately i was on able to access my e-mail acct. The content said,my was incompleted.what do i do to get myself fix back?
    and qualified for the training.

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