NECO Physics Specimen 2023: Apparatus and Instructions

NECO Physics Specimen 2023

NECO Physics Specimen 2023

NECO Physics Specimen 2023: As the Neco Physics Practical Examination for the year 2023 approaches, it is crucial to familiarize yourself with the required apparatus and instructions.

In this article, we have shared with you detailed overview of the apparatus listed for each question and the instructions provided by the National Examination Council (NECO). Let’s dive in!

Instructions to Schools:

Before we proceed with the specific apparatus, it is important to highlight the instructions provided by NECO to schools administering the Neco Physics Practical 2023 Examination:

Information confidentiality: Schools must ensure that the information regarding the practical specimens does not reach the candidates directly or indirectly before the examination. This preserves the integrity of the assessment and ensures fairness for all participants.

Additional materials: In addition to the usual apparatus found in a physics laboratory, candidates will require mathematical tables and geometrical instruments.

These additional materials are essential for certain questions in the examination.

NECO Physics Specimen 2023

Question 1: Apparatus List:

To effectively answer Question 1 of the Neco Physics Practical Examination, the following apparatus are required:

  • Metre rule: Used for linear measurements.

  • Retort stand and clamp: Provides a stable support for experiments.

  • Pointer: Used for accurate readings and measurements.

  • Plasticine: Used for securing and stabilizing objects during experiments.

  • Spiral spring: Utilized in experiments involving spring constants and oscillations.

  • Mass hanger: Used to suspend masses during experiments.

  • Masses of 50, 70, 90, 110, and 130g: Required for weight and mass-related experiments.

  • Stop watch/clock: Used for precise timing of experiments.

Question 2: Apparatus List:

To answer Question 2 of the Neco Physics Practical Examination, the following apparatus are necessary:

  • Rectangular glass block: Used for experiments involving refraction and optics.

  • 4 optical pins: Employed to mark specific points on the glass block during experiments.

  • Drawing board: Provides a flat and stable surface for drawing and experimentation.

  • Drawing papers: Used for sketching diagrams and recording observations.

  • Protractor: Essential for measuring angles accurately.

  • 30 cm ruler: Used for linear measurements.

  • 4 drawing pins: Used to secure the drawing paper on the drawing board.

Question 3: Apparatus List:

To effectively answer Question 3 of the Neco Physics Practical Examination, the following apparatus are required:

  • Resistance box: Used to vary and control resistance in electrical circuits.

  • Rheostat: Enables the adjustment of current in circuits.

  • Ammeter (0-1 A): Measures electric current in amperes.

  • 2 V Accumulator or two 1.5 V dry Leclanche cells: Power source for the circuit.

  • 10 connecting wires: Required to establish electrical connections in the circuit.

  • Torch light bulb: Used as a load in the circuit.

  • Key: Used to open and close the electrical circuit.

1. Great care should be taken to ensure that the information given below does not reach candidates either directly or indirectly before the examination.

2. In addition to the usual apparatus in a Physics laboratory, each candidate will require in general; Mathematical tables, Graph paper and Geometrical instruments. For questions 1, 2 and 3 the apparatus listed below are required.

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3. The following announcements should be made to the candidates at the beginning of the examination.

“The Examiner does not want you to waste your time because you cannot proceed with an experiment. Therefore, any candidate who cannot get on with the experiment after spending ¼ hour on it should call on me and ask for help”.

4. The Physics teacher is allowed to give a hint to any of the candidates who are unable to proceed with the experiment.

5. The following regulations must be strictly adhered to:
(a) No hint may be announced to the candidates as a whole
(b) A candidate who is unable to proceed and requires assistance must call on the teacher and state his/her difficulty
(c) The candidate(s) should be told that the Examiner will be informed of any assistance given in this way
(d) A note must be made on the Report Form of any assistance given to any of the candidates with the name and examination number of the candidate

6. The Report Form is provided separately on which the following should be stated:
(a) Detailed information about the apparatus where necessary
(b) Any particular difficulty experienced by any of the candidates, especially if the Examiner would be unable to discover this from the scripts
(c) Any departure from the specific items which could not be avoided
(d) Any assistance given to the candidate(s) under the regulations explained in “5”.

7. Where several sets of apparatus are provided for a question and specific information about the apparatus is required by the Examiner, each piece of apparatus must be clearly marked with letters A, B, C, D etc. Also, the corresponding information must be clearly reported, showing which apparatus was supplied to which candidate. The candidate(s) should be instructed to record these letters on their script(s).

8. You must enclose a completed Report Form in each envelope of scripts.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Can I bring my own apparatus for the Neco Physics Practical Examination?

No, candidates are not allowed to bring their own apparatus. The required apparatus will be provided by the examination center.

Are candidates allowed to share apparatus during the examination?

No, each candidate should have their own set of apparatus to perform the experiments independently.

Is it necessary to bring spare batteries for the examination?

It is advisable to bring spare batteries, especially if you are using cells as a power source, to ensure uninterrupted experimentation.


Being well-prepared with the necessary apparatus and instructions is vital for success in the Neco Physics Practical Examination 2023.

Ensure you have all the required apparatus listed for each question and adhere to the instructions provided by NECO.

Practice using the apparatus beforehand to become familiar with their functions.

Best of luck with your examination!

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