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Neco literature prose and objective question and answer 2021

Neco literature prose and objective  answer 2021








Xenophobia is one of the most significant themes in Unexpected Joy at Dawn.

In the text, citizens and governments of both Nigeria and Ghana are not comfortable with other country’s nationals in their country. The Bank Manager of Expense Bank does not hide his dislike for Nii Tackie whom he sees as a Nigerian living off the wealth of Ghana. He goes to the extent of saying that if given the power, he would gladly sack all the “aliens” working in the bank.

The Bank Manager’s wish though not fulfilled is already in motion outside the bank. Ghanaians are already hitting out on Nigerians living in Ghana. This is further confirmed by newspaper reports as related by an immigration officer during the screening of Mama Orojo’s luggage in the airport on her way to Accra and also by Nii Tackie’s sudden consciousness of his tribal marks.

And in Nigeria, there is expulsion of aliens from the country; mostly Ghanaians. The Ghanaians are clearly doing well in Nigeria before the alienation policy is introduced. They work in banks, schools, and construction companies. But immediately the new immigration policy is introduced, their Nigerian employers subtly collect their residents’ permits and destroy them.



Also rife in the novel is the theme of alienation. And it cuts across the both countries.

Some fifteen years earlier, Ghanaian government introduced an alienation policy which eventually led to mass exodus of other countries’ nationals from Ghana; and the separation of families. This led to the separation of Mama Olu Orojo and her parents from her kid brother, Moses Nii Tackie.

As a result, it takes fifteen years to re-unite with his sister, Mama Orojo, under the least expected circumstance.

Also, Nii Tackie and Massa are separated by Massa’s death.



Nii Tackie and Massa are our ideal love birds in this text. They so much love each other that each understands the other already.

For example, when Massa downplays her pain, Nii Tackie knows already that she is lying and only wants him to feel relieved. Massa too, despite her sickness, is quick to notice that Nii Tackie has become conscious of his tribal marks.

Another category of lovers in the novel are Joe and Mama Orojo. Their relationship belies the cat and dog relationship between their two countries. It is refurbished with love the two countries lack.

The love is so strong that Mama Orojo is ready to forgo her respected position in the local Corpus Kristi and risk being excommunicated from Amen Kristi just to marry Joe.

Idem and Wachuc are another categories of lovers. Through Idem’s nagging, one can see a woman’s love and concern for her husband.








Ras the Exhorter, later known as Ras the Destroyer, is the mastermind behind the black group that is in strong opposition to the activities of the Brotherhood in the Harlem District. He, alongside his members, believes in the use of provocative speeches and violence. He is of West Indian extraction. He organizes rallies in the Harlem neighbourhood wherein he kicks against every form of unity with the whites. He goes as far as confronting members of the Brotherhood who speak against his beliefs, especially Brother Tod Clifton. To him, the Narrator is nothing but a whitewashed dummy who blindly obeys every instruction of his white masters. He considers the Narrator a traitor to the black race. Clifton who renounces his membership of the Brotherhood is, on the other hand, royalty. Clifton, from the perspective of Ras, is better than the Narrator because he has redeemed himself by leaving the Brotherhood. Events at the end of the novel reveal Ras to be as destructive as the proponents of other ideologies. He leads his fellow blacks to self-destruct so much so that some of them wonder why he is thirsty for blood when others are searching for loot.

Ras the Exhorter is used by the writer to represent the group of blacks who believe strongly that nothing good can come out of the unification of the black and white race. Based on their history and experiences of slavery, torture and pain from the whites, these people believe that blacks are to unite and fight their common enemy: the whites. To an extent, it can be said that this group of people are also blind in that by degrading the supposed superiority of the white man, they unconsciously project their superiority as blacks. By claiming that the white race represents everything evil, they portray the black race as being better. However, the carnage and destruction that occurs in Harlem, under Ras’ leadership show that he is also guilty of the very evil that he accuses whites of perpetrating.

Interestingly, Ras is the only character who quickly deciphers the oddities of the goals of the Brotherhood. He is obsessed with the black race and believes that blacks should fight against racial subjugation. Every time he gives a speech at Harlem, there is always a large crowd who converge to listen to him. The people love him. However, his ideas are violent in nature. He urges blacks to be confrontational in their dealings with whites. He is not a villain in the sense of the word. He only instigates the people to act. Towards the end of the novel, he is seen dressed a an African chief and riding on a horse. Because he is against the motives of the Brotherhood, be vilifies the Narrator and considers him a saboteur.


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