Neco Gce Literature In English Prose and Objective Answers 2021

INSTRUCTIONS: Answer Only One Question From Each Section.
Mr. Noble is a character whose station in life has kept changing rapidly in Second Class Citizen. He is a one-time landlord of the Obis’ before he went to the UK, Mr. Noble had had a distinguished career in the Nigerian civil service. He was from a royal family.
His arrival in England initially brings a reversal in his fortunes. Overnight, his station in life takes a hit which threatens to destroy his life. Mr. Noble undergoes a dramatic transformation becoming a childless drunkard and jester.
Then the accident that fractures his shoulder comes along. Ironically, it is this misfortune that saves Mr Noble. The pension he receives and the decision he takes to buy a house and become a landlord will help to stop his downward slide toward total self-destruction.
Mr. Noble’s house provides the setting for much of the momentous events in Adah’s life. Mr. Noble with his house The Ghetto is instrumental in the development of the plot of Second Class Citizen.
Mr. Noble is the one who comes to the rescue of Francis and Adah at a time they are finding it difficult due to their skin color to get a place to live. His instant offer of a new place for the young couple and their children helps them to have their peace of mind for the time being.
Mr. Noble uses his influence to bring temporary peace between Francis and Adah. This is when Francis beats Adah mercilessly for going behind his back to get family planning equipment.
The warm reception Mr. Noble gives to his fellow black Nigerians who have come to rent his property contrasts significantly with the hostile attitude the racist while landlady in Hawley Street showed to the Obi’s moments before.
By their kind gestures toward their racially abused fellow blacks, people like Mr. Noble make life a bit bearable for the minority blacks in that country.
Neco Gce Literature In English Prose and Objective Question 2021
Mr Lockwood’s; Lockwood’s narration forms a frame around Nelly’s; he serves as an intermediary between Nelly and the reader. A somewhat vain and presumptuous gentleman, he deals very clumsily with the inhabitants of Wuthering Heights. Lockwood comes from a more domesticated region of England, and he finds himself at a loss when he witnesses the strange household’s disregard for the social conventions that have always structured his world. As a narrator, his vanity and unfamiliarity with the story occasionally lead him to misunderstand events.
Hareton Earnshaw; The son of Hindley and Frances Earnshaw, Hareton is Catherine’s nephew. After Hindley’s death, Heathcliff assumes custody of Hareton, and raises him as an uneducated field worker, just as Hindley had done to Heathcliff himself. Thus Heathcliff uses Hareton to seek revenge on Hindley. Illiterate and quick-tempered, Hareton is easily humiliated, but shows a good heart and a deep desire to improve himself. At the end of the novel, he marries young Catherine.

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