Neco GCE Geography Practical & Objective Question and Answer 2021

Neco GCE Geography Practical & Objective Question and Answer 2021

Neco Gce geography practical

(i)The angle of the slope; The steeper the slope, the faster the movement. This is because gravity becomes stronger with increasing the angle of the slope. On a gentle slope, the movement is slower but is the slowest on a plain which is almost flat.
(ii)Amount of water; The more saturated the material is the more likely it is to move. A mass of materials saturated with water moves more easily than a dry mass. This is because water increases the weight of the materials and at the same time reduces the cohesion between particles of materials between the mass. Water also acts as a lubricant along the bedding plane thus facilitating movements.
(iii)Human activities; People affect the stability of the earth’s surface through various activities such as cultivation, building, grazing animals, mining, clearing vegetation, and road construction. Some of these activities result in the direct movement of materials, while others create favorable conditions for other factors to exert their influence.
(i)It can lead to loss of soul restility
(ii)It can cause the damming of river
(iii)It may lead to loss of life and farmlands
(iv)It can result to displacement of settlement.
(i)Lack of rainfall which is likely to cause drought.
(ii)Deforestation as a result of cutting down of trees.
(iii)Drying out of rivers and lakes and global warming.
(iv)Weather patterns as well as air circulation.
(i)Loss Of Biodiversity; Most plants and animals living in areas experiencing a severe drought are unable to survive. As a result, entire populations of a species can be wiped out from the area. Thus, drought-affected areas exhibit a great loss if biodiversity.
(ii)Wetlands Dry Up; A deficit of water can lead to the drying out of wetland habitats. Since such habitats support a great variety of flora and fauna, the survival of all these life forms becomes difficult when there is a deficit of water.
(iii)Pollution Of Surface Water; Low levels of precipitation and the loss of water from water bodies like rivers and streams means that pollutants accumulate on land and in remaining surface water resources. Since rain and flowing water bodies usually carry away the pollutants by draining the land, a lack of such water resources leads to the contamination of soil and remaining water resources with pollutants.
satellite remote sensing is the use of satellite-borne sensors to observe, measure, and record the electromagnetic radiation reflected or emitted by the Earth and its environment for subsequent analysis and extraction of information.
(i)Resource exploration; Remote sensing data is helpful for updating existing geological maps, rapid preparation of lineament and tectonic maps, identifying the sites for quarrying the minerals and helpful in locating fossil fuel deposits.
(ii)Study of Natural hazards; Remote sensing can be used to study damages caused by earthquakes, volcanoes, landslides, floods and melting of ice in polar regions. Many times remote sensing will be helpful to predict the occurrence of natural hazards.
(iii)Environmental Study; It can be used to study deforestation, degradation of fertile lands, pollution in atmosphere, desertification, eutrophication of large water bodies and oil spillage from oil tankers.
(iv)Weather Forecasting; Remote sensing is extensively used in many countries for weather forecasting. It is also used to warn people about impending cyclones.

Neco gce geography practical & objective Question and Answer 2021


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