NECO GCE Chemistry Practical 2023 Questions and Answers

NECO GCE Chemistry Practical 2023 Questions and Answers

NECO GCE Chemistry Practical 2023 Questions and Answers

The National Examination Council Has scheduled the NECO GCE Chemistry Practical 2023 paper to kick off by 22nd November, 2023.

This brings the attention of candidates writing the exam into searching for NECO gce Chemistry Practical 2023, neco gce chemistry practical questions and answers 2023 and etc.

NECO GCE Chemistry Practical 2023

In this article, I will provide you some simple steps to get accurate and verified solutions for NECO GCE Chemistry Practical 2023.

NECO GCE Chemistry Practical 2023 Questions and Answers


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Neco gce chemistry practical expo 2023

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Past Neco gce chemistry practical answers 2022


Burette reading/cm3 | 1st titre | 2nd titre
Final reading/cm3 | 22.50 | 22.50
Initial reading/cm3 | 0.00 | 0.00
Volume of A used/cm3 | 22.50 | 22.50

This is used for the easy identification of end-point or neutrality point.

To avoid error in measurement which may occur through droplet of A into the burette affecting the reading

Mass conc. of A = 4.015/dm3
Mass conc. of B = 5.55/dm3
Volume of A, Va = 22.5cm3
Volume of B, Vb = 25.0cm3
Molar mass of A, Hcl = 1+35.5
= 36.5g/mol

:- Conc. of A in mol/dm3 = ??
Conc. of A (mol/dm3) = conc. Of A (g/dm3) ÷ molar mass
= 4.015/36.5
Conc. of A = 0.11mol/dm3

Conc. of B in mol/dm3 = ??
Cb = ??
Ca = 0.11mol/dm3, Va = 22.5cm3, V6 = 25.0cm3, na = 1, nb = 1
CaVa/CbVb = na/nb
Cb = CaVanb/naVa
Cb = 0.11×22.5×1/1×25.0
Cb = 2.475/25.0
Cb = 0.099mol/dm3

Molar mass of B = ??
ing Conc (mol/dm3) = conc. (g/dm3) ÷ molar mass
Molar mass = conc. (g/dm3) ÷ conc. (mol/dm3)
Molar mass = 5.55/0.099
Molar mass = 56.0g/mol

XOH = 56
X + 16 + 1 = 56
X + 17 = 56
X = 56 – 17
X = 39


It is an analytical value


Potassium hydroxide


Is a soluble salt.

Ca²+ suspected.

Ca2+ Present.

Ppt remains insoluble.

White Ppt formed which Remain insoluble

Brick red flame observed.

SO₂, H₂S Or CO₂ gas suspected

Lead(II) Ethanoate paper turns black

H₂s gas Evolved. S²- present


I – KMnO4
II – Bromine water
III – Litmus paper

(i) A rotten egg odour is perceived
(ii) A colourless gas is formed
(iii) A green coloured compound is formed

– A precipitate is formed
– Asoluble xompound is also formed

– Filtration
– Decantation

AgNO3 (silver trioxonitrate(v))


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NECO GCE Chemistry Practical 2023 Questions and Answers

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