NECO GCE Biology Practical Questions and Answers 2022

NECO GCE Biology Practical Questions and Answers 2022


NECO GCE Biology Practical Questions and Answers 2022

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NECO GCE Biology Practical Answers 2022


A – Honey bee
B – Termite

A – Insecta
B – Insecta

(i) Presence of antennae
(ii) Presence of wings

(i) Presence of segmented body
(ii) Presence of antennae

I – Antebnae
II – Eye
III – Hindleg
IV – Antenna
V – Head
VI – Abdomen

I – For sensitivity
II – For seeing
III – For detection of stimuli


(i) Absence of wing hub
(ii) Presence of forewing

(i) Presence of wing hub
(ii) Absence of forewing

(i) Head
(ii) Thorax
(iii) Abdomen


(i) The experiment must be done during the day
(ii) There must be presence of water

Experiment to show that oxygen is liberated during photosynthesis


D – Maize seedling plant
E – Monocot root

I – Tassel
II – Flag leaf
III – Leaf
IV – Styles
V – Female inflorescence

Tassel, female inflorescence, ovary




(i) Absorption of water and nutrient
(ii) It provides support

(i) Maximise the roots water
(ii) Absorption of mineral

(i) They possesses long stigma
(ii) Possession of feathery flowers
(iii) Possession if one reproductive organ

F – Webbed feet
G – Non webbed feet

I – Hind toe
II – Web foot
III – Claw

It enables them to float on water


H – Microscope
I – Filoplume feather

I – Lens
II – Coarse focusing mechanism
III – Objective lens
IV – Arm

1 – Paramecium
2 – Bacteria

(1) Wet it dirty slides should never be out on the stage
(2) Never use a dry cloth or paper towel to wipe optical surface or lens

(1) Always use two hands when using the microscope
(2) Make sure the microscope is not plugged in before moving it
(3) When the microscope is not in use cover it with a dust cover or store in a microscopic case

VIII – Outer web or vane
IX – Barbs
X – Rachis it shaft


(i) It is used for flight
(ii) To consume body heat
(iii) It is also used for social display



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