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Neco Gce Agric Practical Question And Answer 2022

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Neco Gce Agric Practical Question And Answer 2022

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A – Knapsack sprayer
B – Watering can

I – Cover
III – Extension pipe
IV – Rose

(i) It is used for the application of plant hormones
(ii) It is used to control insects through the use of insecticides

(i) It is used for the application of liquid fertilizers
(ii) Application of water to seedlings in the nursery or vegetable beds

(i) Do not spray on a windy day
(ii) Do not spray on a rainy day
(iii) Blow the blocked nozzle with mouth when spraying

(i) Wash and keep dry or clean after use to prevent rusting
(ii) Store or hang upside down

Both are used for spraying


Experiment to show the texture of various soil particles

(i) Pour the soil into the glass jar or beaker
(ii) Add water into the soil in the glass jar
(iii) Shake the mixture
(iv) Allow the soil particles to settle based on their texture

(i) It will be sticky
(ii) It will form mounds

(i) They are added
(ii) They have low water retention capacity

(i) Soil IV has a smaller size compared to Soil VI
(ii) Soil IV can retain more water than soil VI

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D – Yam Tuber
E – Onion Bulb
F – Banana Sucker

D – Dioscorea Spp
E – Allium cepa
F – Masa spp

I Leave Base
II Adventitious Root
III Stem Sucker

(i) Weeding
(ii) Application of fertilizer

(i) Rodent
(ii) Bettle

(i) Purple blotch
(ii) Downy Moldew
(iii) Botrytis


I – Liver
II – Stomach
V – Duodenum
VI – Small intestine

Gall stone

Mineral material

III – Pepsin
IV – Amylase
V – Lipase
VI – Erepsin

I – Peptones
II – Fatty acids and glycerol

It serves as reservoir of food

II dies not produce enzymes while part IV produce enzymes



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