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NBTE Curriculum for ND electrical Electrical Engineering Pdf

ND electrical Electrical Engineering Pdf 1st SEMESTER


GNS 101 Use of English

MTH 112 Algebra and Elementary Trigonometry

SDV 201 Business Entrepreneurship

MEC 111 Technical Drawing

MEC 112 Basic Workshop Technology and Practice

EEC 114 Report Writing

EEC 112 Introduction to Computer Software

EEC 117 Computer Hardware

EEC 111 Electrical Graphics

EEC 115 Electrical Engineering Science


ND electrical Electrical Engineering Pdf 2ND SEMESTER

GNS 102 Communication Skills

MTH 211 Calculus

MEC 124 Machine Tools Technology & Practice

EEC 122 Electrical Power I

EEC 123 Electrical Machine I

EEC 124 Electronics I

EEC 125 Electrical Engineering Science II

EEC 126 Electrical and Electronic Instrument I

EEC 128 Telecommunications I

EEC 129 Electrical Installation of Building.

Recommended : 

ND electrical Electrical Engineering Pdf 3RD SEMESTER

GNS 111 Citizen Education

MTH 202 Logic and Linear Algebra

EEC 232 Electrical Power II

EEC 233 Electrical Machines II

EEC 234 Electronics II

EEC 236 Electrical and Electronic Instrument II

EEC 238 Telecommunications II

EEC 239 Electric Circuit Theory I

ND electrical Electrical Engineering Pdf 4TH SEMESTER

GNS 202 Communication Skills II

MTH 122 Trig. And Analytical Geometry

EEC247 Computer Hardware II

EEC 242 Electrical Power III

EEC 244 Electronics III

EEC 249 Electric Circuit Theory II

EEC 280 Project

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