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FOFO: FOTO is the fourteen year old daughter of Maa Tsuru introduced at the beginning of the narrative as living on the street of Accra. As a street child,she earns her living from doing menial jobs like “washing carrots at the vegetables wholesale market” or petty stealing. She also engages in activities well beyond her age such as drinking alcohol ,watching adult films and making love with her mates. she is victim of attempted rape by poison,one of the notorious street lords in Accra. She is a very close friend of odarley. She shares much of her confidence with her.she run to first after escaping poison’s attack. She is the novel’s protagonist . As a protagonist ,most of the events in the story revolve around her,either directly or indirectly.



Kabria : Kabria is the wife of Adabe and mother of three energetic children. Kabria diligently and efficiently combines her roles as a wife ,a mother and a working class woman. She is very resourceful. She demonstrates a great deal of initiative in her work at MUTE.she work conscientiously for the organization and her contributions to the success of the organization are quite great. Her initiative and actions are instrumental to the discovery of Baby T’s killers. She is instrumental in saving Fofo from the jaws of street life. Kabria is a good disciplinarian .she trains her children properly despite their troublesomeness. The novelist uses her to illustrate the possibility that a woman can combine her role as wife and mother with work effectively.



Kpakpo: Nii Kpakpo is the second lover and husband of Maa Tsuru by whom he has two sons. He takes advantage of Maa Tsuru’s emotional loneliness to become an additional burden on the poor woman. He deceives her into sending her daughter Baby T,into prostitution .Unknown to Maa Tsuru ,he manipulates her into co habitation with him under her own roof after hiring out his own one room apartment. Kpakpo also sexually abuses Baby T. He is the one who connect Onko to Poison through Mama Abidjan, a connection which leads to Baby T’s death. After the death of Baby T,he eventually walk out on Maa Tsuru. Generally, Kpakpo is depicted as a dubious ,lazy,irresponsible and wicked man.


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Theodore : Theodore is the son of father Jerome ,the priest at st. Nicholas church who initially ignorant of the blood tie between him and the young man ,later recognizes him as his son. He is the young peasant who points out the resemblance between the helmet that kills Conrad and the one on the head of the statue of Alfonso at st Nicholas church. This earns him the allegation of a sorcerer and threat of execution. He is a confident and bold young man. He is not intimidated by the authority or threat from Prince Manfred. He tells the prince frankly that he is not afraid of death. At a point,even the prince silently acknowledges the young man’s bravery.

He is instrumental in the escape of Isabella. He assists the young lady to escape from the castle to the sanctuary at St Nicholas Church through an underground vault. He even promises to die in defence of the young lady. He also offers to protect Isabella in the cave where the former is hiding when her father comes in search of her. He does this effectively by resisting and stabbing the strange intruder who turn out to be the lady’s father. He falls in love with Matilda,resist his Father’s pressures not to have any romantic affairs with the Lady but unfortunately loses her to death.

He is a central of the theme of inheritance. Most of the events in the story eventually culminate in his ascension to the throne of his forbears. He inherit the sceptre of Otranto with the unsurper dethroned . He is used as the instrument of bringing the ancient prophecy about the lordship of Otranto to fulfilment.



Matilda : She is the beautiful daughter of Prince Manfred and Lady Hippolita. While unloved by her father ,she loves him.very much. She is a dutiful ,obedient and devoted daughter to her parents. In spite of her father’s lack of love towards her. She does not only love him,she would not have him insulted or denigrated by anyone,not even the admirer or a lover. She obeys her mother,unprepared to hurt her and ready to do anything that will make her happy . Despite her dislike of the idea of marrying Frederic ,she is still ready to consider it if it will make her mother happy

She assists Theodore to escape from the castle .she provide him with armour and gives him direction to where he is not likely to be discovered.She falls in love with Theodore,the young Peasant. unfortunately her death prevents marriage between the two. She is a loyal friend. She defends Isabella’s honour and integrity when Bianca tries to soil it.

She is used as a sacrificial lamb in the story . Besides being emotionally and psychologically exploited to advance the interests of others,she is eventually killed. Her death effectively kills Manfred’s Albion and pave the way for the story’s resolution. She is used by the novelist as a foil to Isabella,her friend. While she is obedient and represent the typical subjugated woman.



Prince Manfred: Prince Manfred is the lord of Otranto . He inherits the lordship from his father ,Don Manuel,who also inherited it from his own father ,Don Richardo. The revelation at the age end of the story ,however,shows that he occupies the position as a usurper .It belongs to Theodore. As the prince of Otranto ,he is feared by his subjects,especially his servants. He is a tyrant. He oppresses his people . The high handedness with which he treats his servant and disregard and inhuman treatment of his family show that right from the home front he is oppressive. It is ,however ,in his dealings with outsiders that this trait manifests more prominently in the novel. He also talks down ,unjustly accuses and even threatens Father Jerome simply because the Priest disapproves of his path to divorce his wife and remarry another woman.

Manfred is a villain in the story. He is responsible for most of the dastardly acts in it. He tries to force marriage on an underage boy,schemes to divorce a loving and devoted wife sustain the usurpation of the prince of Otranto’s position and kills his daughter. He proposes a bloodless and amicable way to settle the contest,claim and counter claim to the sceptre of Otranto . He persuades Morquis Frederic to accept a deal of double marriages to each other daughter’s. He is responsible for the arrangement of a premature marriage between Conrad and Isabella,which is contrary to the wish and advice of his wife

At the end of the story, Manfred is made to pay dearly for their crimes. He loses his children loses the castle and lordship of Otranto. He confirms the crime of his ancestors,bewail his fate and even warns others against tyrannical tendencies.



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