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N-Power: 3 things you MUST take note of if you want to be selected

N-Power: 3 things you MUST take note of if you want to be selected

Once the news about the N-Power registration for interested Undergraduates that is due to start on the 26th of June 2020 was announced by the federal government under the ministry of humanitarian affairs, disaster management and social investment, the hopes of many Nigerians who have been waiting for it has risen. Everyone who has been anxiously waiting for this opportunity, just can’t wait for the portal to be open so that they can swing unto their keyboards and start applying.

I am very sure some people would even sleep with their laptops and phones on the night of 25th if possible, and apply immediately the site is open. Well, while it is good to be an early bird, that does not guarantee that you will be selected. Being among the first people to register doesn’t really give you a chance at getting selected, but registering right.

While you need your BVN, ID card, Certificate, a working email address and a choice category etc for the application, there are some very important things you need to take note of before applying if you want to be selected. That is, there are some things that you need to get right before you can even get close to being selected. These are:

1. Choose the right category:

One of the mistakes people make is just choosing any category to apply for. Make sure to apply for the category that best suits your qualification. You can’t say you studied Education for instance and you go and choose N-Agro or N-Tech, just know that automatically you won’t get it because your qualification and choice category doesn’t tally. So you should go for what best suits your qualification.

2. Make sure your BVN name matches the names on your certificate and ID card:

Supplying Your BVN is one of the criteria to being selected for N-Power. The essence of asking for it is to dig deep and make sure that the applicant is deserving of the opportunity, because they want people who are really unemployed and who have not been selected before. So if the names on your certificate and I.D card happens to be different from that of your BVN, it would be assumed that you want to play a trick or fast one and you will be disqualified. So make sure your names on all documents that you present tally with the on on your BVN.

3. Make sure all the required documents are available:

N-Power requires some documents during registration such as your educational certificates, your birth certificate or age declaration for proof that you’re not more than 35 years of age, a national means of Identification and your BVN. Make sure they are all intact before you start registering, because they must all be filled before you can get a chance of being selected. There is nothing like filling some and leaving out some, or thinking you’ll just fill it out later. So, start getting all the documents you need ASAP.

I hope you found this piece informative. Feel free to drop your comments and questions.

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