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Murja Ibrahim Kunya Wiki

Full Name Murja Ibrahim Kunya
Born 18th January, 1999
Age 24 years
Place of birth Kano state
Nationality Nigerian
Tribe Hausa
Religion Islam
Language Spoken Hausa language
Profession TikTok influencer
Jailed January 29, 2023
Net worth N2 million

Murja Ibrahim kunya biography

Murja Ibrahim Kunya, also known as Murja Kunya, is a 24-year-old lady from Kano State, Nigeria.

She gained popularity on TikTok for being exceptionally outspoken in the Hausa language, in a manner many of her Hausa-speaking northern Nigerian audience considered funny and entertaining.

As her TikTok following grew to over one million followers, she began creating comedy skits and also appeared in short music videos alongside another artiste, Mr 442.

Nevertheless, in September 2022, a Sharia Court in Kano wrote to the state’s Commissioner of Police to arrest and investigate Murja alongside other TikTokers over complaints from a group of Islamic clerics for “corrupting the morals of the society.”

The group included Mr 442, Safara’u, Dan Maraya, Amude Booth, Kawu Dan Sarki, Ado Gwanja, Ummi Shakira, Samha Inuwa and Babiana.

Kunya was subsequently arrested on January 29, 2023, at Tahir Hotel in Kano while booking rooms for her guests ahead of her birthday party.

Murja kunya was accused of indecent behavior and use of vulgar language on social media, particularly TikTok.

While admitting to being controversial and outspoken on social media, Murja attributed some of her alleged excesses to emotions she couldn’t control.

Speaking to the police, she expressed regret over her arrest, pledging to stop her “immoral actions” and avoid being a “negative example” to others, especially young people.

She also urged other social media users to avoid provoking her and stop the consistent casting of aspersions on her.

Furthermore, Murja claimed that her actions in mimicking immoral songs were as a result of musicians like the popular Ado Gwanja, who made such requests from her as a way of promoting their songs on social media.

In response to her recent arrest, the individual expressed remorse and made a commitment to desist from engaging in “immoral actions” in order to set a positive example for others, particularly young people.

Additionally, she appealed to fellow social media users to refrain from instigating conflicts with her and to cease making unfounded accusations against her.

The influencer, who has gained popularity on TikTok, also acknowledged that she had already experienced feelings of regret regarding her actions prior to her arrest.

This was in part due to the recent passing of her colleague, Kamal Aboki from Kano, and served as a further impetus for her to change her ways.

According to the individual, she has been reflecting on her behavior since the passing of her friend Kamal Aboki and has since made a conscious effort to refrain from verbally abusing others.

She acknowledged that her videos often feature dances, but denied encouraging others to copy her actions, and expressed remorse for any harm caused by her previous behavior.

Subsequently, the Commissioner of Police in Kano directed that she undergo a psychiatric evaluation before investigations continue.

Her arrest sparked controversy on social media, particularly on TikTok, Twitter, and Facebook, with some users advocating for her immediate release under the hashtag #FreeMurjaKunya, while others insisted that she should face consequences for her past actions.

Murja ibrahim kunya phone number

Murja Ibrahim kunya phone number is not available, but you can follow her on any of her social media handle such as tiktok or Facebook and obtain her phone number.

Murja ibrahim kunya Net Worth

Murja Ibrahim Kunya’s net worth is estimated to be around NGN2 million.

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Here are 5 things to know about Murja Ibrahim Kunya:

1. She is a 24-year-old TikTok influencer from Kano State, Nigeria.

2. She gained fame on TikTok for her funny and outspoken videos in the Hausa language, which garnered her a following of over one million people.

3. She was arrested on January 29, 2023, at Tahir Hotel in Kano, for using vulgar language and engaging in indecent behavior on social media.

4. Following her arrest, she expressed regret over her actions and pledged to avoid being a negative example to others, especially young people.

5. Some social media users have rallied around her under the hashtag #FreeMurjaKunya.

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Murja Ibrahim kunya photos

Below are some beautiful photos of murja kunya:

Murja Ibrahim Kunya Biography, Net worth, Photos and Phone Number


Murja Ibrahim kunya photos


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Murja Kunya vs Kano Council of Ulama

Council of Ulama of Kano v. Murja Kunya

Murja Ibrahim Kunya, another contentious TikToker, was found guilty of releasing movies that are deceptive and dangerous to people in a Shariah court after the Kano State Council of Ulama sued her. As a result, she was sent on three weeks of custody in prison.

Murja was placed under detention along with three other individuals, and the court ordered her to clean the hospital grounds for three weeks, enroll in the Hisbah Board’s Islamic teaching program for six months, and upload an apologetic video.

In a similar vein, the court sentenced Ashiru Mai Wushirya, Aminu Ibrahim BBC, and Sadik Sharif Umar—the other three people who were remanded with Murja—to three weeks of sweeping the Murtala Muhammed Friday Mosque.