Mummy Zee Biography, Wiki, Trend And Husband 2024

Mummy zee biography

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Mummy Zee Biography

Deborah Olaki, famously known as Mummy Zee, is a geophysics graduate from the University of Ilorin and has recently become a trend on social media.

She stays in Lagos and her fame and luck have shot up unexpectedly online. Her journey started with one tweet that went viral, talking about how she wakes up early every day to cook for her husband.

When she jokingly asked for a fridge by her bedside, it set off a huge reaction – lots of comments, some criticism, but also a whole bunch of generosity that changed her life.

In an incredible twist, she got 2 million naira and loads of other gifts within just 48 hours. The donations didn’t stop there; it reached over N5 million, even going to her husband’s account.

Big names like the Nigerian National Petroleum Company Limited, Infinix Nigeria, and Dr. Chinonso from Egbema pitched in. They gave her free petrol vouchers, a smartphone, and a year of health insurance respectively. On top of that, iPhones, a smart TV, and furniture poured in from supportive social media users.

Deborah was born in Nigeria, although her exact state of origin isn’t yet known public. She did all her early schooling here in Nigeria and bagged a Bachelor’s degree in Geophysics from the University of Ilorin.

Mummy Zee Wiki

Attribute Details
Full Name Deborah Olaki
Nickname Mummy Zee
Education Geophysics graduate from the University of Ilorin
Location Lagos, Nigeria
Claim to Fame Viral tweet about her daily routine and generosity
Notable Achievements Received significant donations and gifts on social media
Family Husband: Abiola Adebisi
Known For Cooking for her husband, social media sensation
Online Presence Active on social media platforms

Mummy zee husband – Abiola Adebisi

Mummy Zee’s husband, Abiola Adebisi, took to social media to shower praise on his wife, expressing his gratitude for the attention he also received.

He referred to her as his top priority, his queen, and his everything, thanking fate for bringing them together and acknowledging the overwhelming support from Nigerians.

He made it crystal clear that he had no intention of having an affair or misusing the donated funds for anyone else.

Addressing criticisms head-on, he emphasized that he had no reason to look elsewhere when he already has everything he needs in his wife, a complete and fulfilling package.

Mummy Zee Biography, Wiki, Trend And Husband 2024

Who is Mummy Zee and why is she trending?

Mummy Zee, also known as Deborah Olaki, is a geophysics graduate from the University of Ilorin who gained sudden fame on social media.

She became a sensation after a tweet describing her daily routine of cooking for her husband went viral.

This brought her unexpected attention and led to a wave of generosity from people who admired her dedication, resulting in significant donations and gifts within a short period.

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