Mompha Junior Biography, Net Worth and Phone Number

Mompha Junior
A picture of Muhammed Auwal Mustapha (Mompha junior)

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Who is Mompha Junior?

Mompha Junior is a well-known Nigerian millionaire who, thankfully, owns a portion of his father, Momfa Senior,’s assets, making the youngster a billionaire from birth.

His mother traded like an expatriate in the local market, and his father, Ismailia Mostapha Mohammed, is a well-known businessman in Africa and a devout Muslim.

They both originated from Oyo State but relocated to the metropolis in search of a better life.

Mompha, an African boy of nine years old, is said to be the world’s youngest billionaire.

He flies around in a private jet and owns a number of mansions.

Momfa’s favorite gift, despite having several homes and expensive cars, is the house her father gave her for her sixth birthday in 2018.

Mompha Sr. gave his son a Lamborghini car in 2021 when Momfa was 9 years old to match the color of his shoelaces.

Momfa’s father has an Instagram account where he often posts luxurious pictures of him and his younger sister.

These pictures have made him famous all over the world. He cannot operate them because he is too small and is not tall enough to reach the pedals.

After all, this young Nigerian billionaire, who is well-known throughout the world for leading a lavish lifestyle, may one day become a powerful figure in the Nigerian industry.

Mompha Junior Biography

The youngest billionaire in Nigeria, whose real name is Mohammed Auwal Mustapha, Mompha Junior was born 29 april, 2012 in Lagos state of Nigeria.

Mompha frequently shares on Instagram, showcasing his opulent lifestyle to his fans.

He posts images and videos of his luxury dining experiences and private jet travel.

He has several vehicles, including a Ferrari, parked in front of one of his enormous mansions.

Mompha is a well-known “baby influencer” on the internet who has about 30,000 Instagram.

Mompha Junior biography, net worth and phone number
A picture of Muhammed Auwal Mustapha (Mompha junior)

Mompha Junior Wikipedia

Real Name Muhammed Awal Mustapha
Name Mompha Junior
Date of birth 12 April, 2012
Age 12 years old
State of origin Oyo state
Nationality Nigerian
Parents Ismail mustapha, Mr’s Mompha.
Net worth 9,000,000,000

Mompha Junior age

As of 2022, Mompha Junior is 10 years old. And On April 29 2022, Mompha Junior celebrated his 10th birthday.

Mompha Junior father

Ismaila Mustapha (Mompha junior father), sometimes known as Mompha, is a popular figure on Nigerian social media who is well-known for his luxurious lifestyle and spending habits.

Ismaila Mustapha travels back and forth from Nigeria to the UAE.

When not in Nigeria, he is frequently spotted in the United Arab Emirates.

He is the owner of Mompha Bureau De Change in Lagos Island, which is situated at Bankole Street, Balogun.

He also serves as the company’s chief executive officer (CEO).

Mompha junior father
Mompha junior and his father (Ismail mustapha)

Mompha junior phone number

Recently Mompha junior dropped his phone number, where he received about 5000 calls a minutes after dropping the number which makes him change the number immediately.

Mompha junior phone number starts with 080**737**7.

To get the full number, kindly drop a comment below and I will reply you with his full number.


Mompha Junior Net Worth

Mompha junior has a net worth of 15 million dollars. In 2022, Mompha’s net worth in Naira will be around 9 billion Naira.

Mompha Junior, who is reportedly the youngest billionaire in the world, purchased his first home at the age of six and flies around the world in a private jet.

The tiny pre-teen influencer, whose true name is Muhammed Awal Mustapha, flaunts his opulent lifestyle to his 25,000 Instagram followers.

He is pictured on the bonnet of a cream Bentley Flying Spur in one of the posts, which he claims was his father’s first car purchase for him.

In a another photo, he strikes a stance in front of a scarlet Lamborghini Aventador while wearing nothing but high-end clothing.The post’s caption read, “Happy birthday to me.”

Outside one of his expansive mansions in Dubai, a yellow Ferrari and other dazzling automobiles can be seen parked.

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