MEC 314 Instrumentation and Control Engineering Pdf

Mec 314 Instrumentation and control engineering pdf

Tag: Mec 314 Instrumentation and control engineering pdf, Mec 314 pdf: Mec 314 Instrumentation and control engineering is a course offered by HND 1 Mechanical engineering technology students in polytechnic.

Mec 314 Instrumentation and control engineering pdf

General Objectives

  • Comprehend the characteristics of instrument and measurement.
  • Understand the measurement of various parameters e.g. displacement stress, speed, time, temperature etc.
  • Understand the principles of form measurement.
  • Understand advances in measurement and instrumentation.
  • Understand the principles of industrial calibration.
  • Comprehend the concept of digital control system.
  • Know the various control system

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Topic Contents:

1.1 Explain the concept of measurement and instrumentation.

1.2 Classify instruments into types.

1.3 Explain the factors affecting instrument selection.

1.4 Classify the sources of errors in measurement systems.

1.5 State the application of sensing element, amplifying element and signalconverters.

1.6 Describe methods of determining the following parameters of measuring systems: sensitivity, accuracy, precision, hysteresis, dead band, zero stability,etc.

1.7 Describe how parameters associated with dynamic performance of measuring systems can be determined e.g. step response and frequency response.

1.8 Describe the step responses to a first order and second order systems.

1.9 Describe the frequency response of a second order system. And more…..

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