MEC 212 Engineering Measurement pdf download

MEC 212 Engineering Measurement pdf download

The Mechanical Engineering Programme is designed to reflect a FUNCTIONAL philosophy of education.
While seeking to achieve academic excellence and promote the furtherance of knowledge, the mechanical engineering programme also seeks to aid “¼ the acquisition of appropriate skills, abilities and competence.
both mental and physical as equipment for the individual to live in and contribute to the development of his
The programme is therefore committed to the production of qualified and competent technicians who will be
able to face the challenges concomitant with the aspiration of the country to be technological developed. and the Technicians to be self-reliant after graduation

MEC 212  pdf download description
Diploma in mechanical engineering technology Year 2 Semester I
File format PDF
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Published date 23 – June – 2021
Semester I – ND II year 2
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Below are some of the mec 212 pdf topic contents : 

1.1 Describe workshop standards of
1.2 List the sub-divisions of standard
of length
1.3 Discuss the sub-divisions in 1.1
• Ask students to explain the
fundamentals of measurement
and give the standards of
2.1 Describe the types of errors
commonly found in engineering
2.2 Explaine sources of errors in
measurement such as equipment
errors, operational interference, and
installation. _ Mec 212 pdf lecture note
2.3 Explain means of over-coming
errors mentioned in 2.1 above.
2.4 Describe drunken thread.

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