LAMLAD Physics For SSCE/UTME Pdf Download

LAMLAD Physics For SSCE/UTME Pdf Download

Welcome to zamgist PDF download page where you will get lamlad physics for ssce/utme pdf download by O. Ajaja and HB. Olaniyi.

Lamlad Physics For Ssce/Utme Table Of Contents

  1. Preface
  2. Introduction

  3. Measurement, Scalars and Vectors

  4. Motion

  5. Equilibrium of Forces

  6. Work, Energy and Power

  7. Simple Machines

  8. Elasticity

  9. Hydrostatics

  10. Temperature and Thermal Expansion Heat and Vapours

  11. Molecular Theory and Heat Transfer

  12. Waves and Sound

  13. Reflection of light

  14. Refraction of light

  15. Dispersion of light

  16. Electrostatic

  17. Current electricity

  18. Magnetism, Electromagnetism.

  19. Electrochemical Effects..

  20. Alternating Currents

  21. Elementary Atomic Physics

  22. Model Matriculation Examination 1

  23. Model Matriculation Examination 2

  24. Model Matriculation Examination 3


Lamlad Physics For Ssce/Utme Pdf Download

Book Title Lamlad Physics for SSCE/UTME
No. of pages 225
File size 30.24 MB
File format Pdf
Publisher Zamgist
Price N1000
Published date 1st February, 2024

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Reasons to Use Lamlad’s Physics Textbook

Are you looking for reasons to use Lamlad’s Physics textbook? Here’s why you should consider it:

Firstly, the textbook contains concise revision notes that highlight essential definitions, laws, principles, descriptions of physical phenomena, and relevant equations.

In addition, it includes carefully phrased True or False questions that focus on key and subtle points which most students find confusing.

Detailed explanations of these questions are also provided to aid understanding.

Moreover, the textbook includes SSCE/UTME-type objective questions that are slightly modified versions of past questions.

The answer key and detailed explanations of these questions are also provided. Additionally, the textbook has a checklist that highlights the essential points a candidate needs to learn before attempting the examinations.

This physics textbook is highly recommended by experienced secondary school physics teachers.

It is also beneficial for students preparing for exams such as WAEC, NECO, GCE, or JAMB, as it can be used as a helpful aid for self-study.

By using Lamlad’s Physics textbook, you can ensure a better understanding of the subject matter, and increase your chances of success in your exams.

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