JAMB past questions on the life changer novel

JAMB past questions on the life changer novel


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JAMB past questions on the life changer novel

  1. What was Ummi’s reason for her impromptu barging ?
  • A. To monitor her children’s activities
  • B. To ensure the children were safe
  • C. To keep them on their feets
  • D. To ensure they maintain cleanliness

Answer: (D) To ensure they maintain cleanliness

  1. It can be inferred from the novel that Mr Eze was Terkura Atsen’s
  • A. Uncle
  • B. Role Model
  • C. Boss
  • D. Business partner

Answer: (B) Role Model


  1. From the novel, David thought Ifenne should be involved in politics because he wanted him to
  • A. Rig the election for someone
  • B. take part in the election process
  • C. Extort money from the people
  • D. make a name for posterity

Answer: (D) make a name for posterity

  1. Salma and her roommates were _________
  • A. A students
  • B. Outstanding students
  • C. B students
  • D. Average students

Answer: (C) B students

  1. Habib gives Tomiwa a bundle of _______?
  • A. 0ne thousand naira notes
  • B. five hundred naira notes
  • C. two hundred naira notes
  • D. dollar notes

Answer: (B) five hundred naira notes

  1. Omar’s achievement was by no means a small feat. This means that?
  • A. Omar’s achievement was difficult
  • B. His accomplishment was small
  • C. Omar’s achievement was not as difficult as it seems
  • D. His accomplishment was not by a small feat

Answer: (A) Omar’s achievement was difficult

  1. What brand of Phone did Salim buy?
  • A. Nokia
  • B. Iphone
  • C. Itel
  • D. Samsung

Answer: (D) Samsung

  1. The novel is written in the ___________
  • A. First-person and Third person point of view
  • B. Third person Ominscient
  • C. second-person point of view
  • D. limited ominiscient

Answer: (A) First-person and Third person point of view

  1. Talle was imprisoned for?
  • A. Murder
  • B. Kidnapping and Robbery
  • C. Kidnapping and extortion
  • D. smuggling

Answer: (C) Kidnapping and extortion

  1. At what age did Talle lost his father and stepmother ?
  • A. 21
  • B. 20
  • C. 19
  • D. 18

Answer: (B) 20

  1. Salma compared lecturers with _________
  • A. Thieves
  • B. politician
  • C. lawyers
  • D. Policemen

Answer: (D) Policemen

  1. What was the reason for the delay at the faculty registration office?
  • A. The lecturer’s negligience
  • B. The queue was endless
  • C. John’s delay in cleaning the office
  • D. the lecturer was absent

Answer: (C) John’s delay in cleaning the office

  1. “Money moves Mountains”

This statement was made by _________

  • A. Salma
  • B. Teemah
  • C. Bint
  • D. Ngozi

Answer: (A) Salma

  1. Omar’s admission signals________
  • A. storytelling
  • B. a life-changing experience
  • C. being a learned
  • D. community’s appraisal

Answer: (B) a life-changing experience

  1. What was Ummi’s reason for her impromptu barging ?
  • A. To monitor her children’s activities
  • B. To ensure the children were safe
  • C. To keep them on their feets
  • D. To ensure they maintain cleanliness

Answer: (D) To ensure they maintain cleanliness

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The Life Changer Chapter 4 questions and Answers

  • What was Salma’s hostel called? Salma’s hostel was called Queen Amina hall.
  • How many roommates did Salma have in her hostel? Salma had 3 roommates in her hostel.
  • What are the names of Salma’s roommates? Salma’s roommates are named Tomiwa, Ada, and Ngozie.
  • Where is Tomiwa from? Tomiwa is from Ibadan, Oyo state.
  • Where are Ada and Ngozie from? Ada is from Benue state, and Ngozie is from Umunze in Imo state.
  • What are the religions of Salma and her roommates? Salma and Tomiwa are Muslims, while Ada and Ngozie are Christians.
  • How many girls are permitted to stay in a hostel room? Each hostel room is allowed to have 4 girls.
  • What is Salma’s hostel famous for? Salma’s hostel is famous for having the most beautiful girls on campus, who refer to themselves as “happening babes”.
  • What special delicacy did Salma introduce to her roommates? Salma, who is from the North, introduced a special meal called Danwake to her roommates.
  • What special delicacy did Tomiwa offer her roommates? Tomiwa sometimes prepared snail for her roommates, which they enjoyed.
  • What is all students’ favorite meal? Indomie Jollof is a favorite meal for many students because it is quick and easy to prepare.
  • Who are Habib and Labaran? Habib and Labaran are the young men who offered to give Salma a ride in their car.
  • Who did Salma believe was the owner of the car? Salma believed that Habib was the owner of the car because he didn’t talk much during the trip.
  • What car were Habib and Labaran driving? Habib and Labaran were driving a Mercedes Benz.
  • Who is Doctor Dabo? Doctor Dabo is a lecturer at Ahmadu Bello University.
  • How long has Doctor Dabo been a lecturer at the university? Doctor Dabo has been a lecturer at the university for more than ten years.
  • What is Doctor Dabo’s reputation on campus? Doctor Dabo is known to be a strict lecturer who takes punctuality very seriously. He also has a good record and reputation on campus.
  • Why did Salma visit Doctor Dabo’s office? Salma visited Doctor Dabo’s office to get her registration form signed because he is the Level Coordinator.
  • What inappropriate questions did Doctor Dabo ask Salma that made her upset? Doctor Dabo asked Salma “I want to know you more intimately”, which made her upset.
  • How did Salma react to Doctor Dabo’s request? Salma denied Doctor Dabo’s request and scolded him, then walked out of his office angrily.
  • Why was Doctor Dabo afraid after Salma left his office? Doctor Dabo was afraid that Salma wouldn’t report him to the school authorities, which would tarnish his reputation that he had worked hard to build.

The Life Changer Chapter 3 questions and Answers

  • What did Ummi do when she saw her HOD? When Ummi saw her HOD, Dr. Sam John, he greeted her in a jovial manner.
  • What was Ummi’s husband’s name? Ummi’s husband’s name is Omar.
  • What did Ummi ask her husband to do? Ummi asked her husband, Omar, to apologize to her HOD on her behalf for not greeting him properly.
  • Where did Ummi and her family live? Ummi and her family lived in a small town called Lafayette.
  • Who is Talle? Talle is a man who is known as “the quiet one” in Lafayette.
  • How did Talle’s parents die? Talle’s parents died in a car accident.
  • Who assisted in raising Talle as a child? Talle was raised by his father and stepmother after his mother passed away.
  • What was the rumor about Talle’s conception? There was a rumor that Talle was conceived through the help of a traditional medicine man or BOKA, or that the BOKA had sexual relations with Talle’s mother.
  • What was Talle’s occupation? Talle worked as a driver in the Local Government office.
  • Why was Talle often referred to as “the quiet one”? Talle was often referred to as “the quiet one” because he did not interact with people and kept to himself.
  • Why did Talle’s parents seek the help of a traditional medicine man? Talle’s parents were married for many years without being able to have children, so they sought the help of a traditional medicine man or BOKA.
  • What did the grocer and others notice about Talle’s shopping habits? The grocer and others noticed that Talle was buying twice the usual amount of food.
  • Why did the people inform the HAKIMI or District Head about Talle’s behavior? The people thought Talle’s behavior was unusual and decided to inform the HAKIMI or District Head.
  • What did Talle tell the HAKIMI when he was summoned? Talle told the HAKIMI that he had bought more food in case he went broke, but he could not provide a reasonable explanation for how he had gotten the money to buy so much food.
  • What did the police and villagers discover when they searched Talle’s house? The police and villagers discovered a young boy who had been held captive in Talle’s house.
  • How long had the young boy been held captive in Talle’s house? The young boy had been held captive in Talle’s house for a week before he was freed by the police.
  • Who is Zaki? Zaki is Talle’s partner in crime and a suspect in a case of kidnapping and extortion.
  • What happened to Zaki and Talle? Zaki and Talle were sentenced to prison for their crimes of kidnapping and extortion.
  • Why did Talle start confessing? Talle began confessing when he saw that the police had captured his partner in crime, Zaki, and that Zaki had been severely tortured.
  • What did Talle do when he heard the sound of police sirens? Talle ran into the HAKIMI’s house, but was chased by the courtiers, which confirmed that he was guilty of something.
  • Why did Talle commit the crime? Talle was desperate for money and was easily persuaded by Zaki to help kidnap his friend’s son and collect a large ransom.
  • How was Zaki arrested by the police? Zaki was arrested by the police while collecting the ransom.
  • What is Exam Malpractice (EMAL)? Exam Malpractice (EMAL) is the act of cheating on exams.

Questions And Answers On The Life Changer Jamb Novel Chapter 2

  • What is Ummi’s full name? Her name is Ummi Ahmad.
  • Why did Salma say lecturers and policemen are alike? Salma accused lecturers of being corrupt and taking bribes, like police officers.
  • Why did Ummi feel uncomfortable while speaking to the HOD? Ummi felt uncomfortable because the HOD referred to her as “my dear”.
  • Why was Salma in shock moments after her discussion with a certain young man on the queue? Salma was surprised to find out that the young man she gossiped with turned out to be the lecturer they had been waiting for.
  • Why was Ummi scared of young male lecturers? Ummi wasn’t comfortable around young male lecturers because Salma had warned her that they often want to date female students and extort money from the guys.
  • What tribe is Dr. Samuel Johnson from? Ummi’s HOD, Dr. Samuel Johnson, is a Yoruba man.
  • What is Ummi’s HOD’s name? Ummi’s HOD’s name is Dr. Samuel Johnson.
  • Why did Ummi not tell her HOD that she was happily married? Ummi didn’t tell the HOD she was married because she felt it was not necessary to disclose that information if he did not ask.
  • How many students had the HOD interviewed before he attended to Ummi? None, Ummi was the first student to meet the HOD for her matriculation number.
  • Where did Ummi and Salma first meet? They met at the faculty registration office.
  • Who told Ummi “you are better than I imagined”? Ummi’s HOD said this to her while she was in his office.
  • Why did Ummi tell Omar to be careful of university girls? Ummi cautioned her son Omar to stay clear from girls who wear revealing outfits.
  • Why was Salma upset during the registration? Salma was upset because she felt the lecturer in charge of registration was intentionally delaying the process for his own selfish reasons.
  • Why did Ummi visit the HOD shortly after her registration? After her registration, Ummi proceeded to the HOD’s office to get her matric number.
  • Who did Ummi describe as a tall, attractive, busty lady with a fair complexion? A lady she met in her school called Salma.
  • What was Ummi’s matric number? Ummi’s matric number was UG0001.
  • What did Ummi mean by saying it was a double celebration when she was leaving for the university? Apart from the fact that she was finally going to university, her husband also suggested that they get married as soon as possible.
  • Why did Ummi’s husband laugh at her when she narrated her experience with her HOD? Ummi’s husband found her story amusing because she wasn’t aware he and the HOD were friends and he had even helped assist with her admission to the university.
  • Why was Ummi in shock when she met the HOD? Ummi was surprised to find out her HOD was also a very young man.

Questions and answers on the life changer jamb novel Chapter 1

1. How old is Bint? – Bint is 5 years old

2. How many kids did Ummi have – Ummi had four kids, 3 girls and a boy.

3. Why did Bint’s parents encourage her to study french? – They believe learning a new language at an early age was easy and French is a widely spoken international language.

4. What was the first question Bint’s Social Studies teacher asked the classroom when quizzing them on French – He asked them to greet Good Morning in French.

5. Who answered the Teacher first questions? – Bint

6. What questions did Bint ask her teacher that made him nervous and uncomfortable? – She asked him how to say “That’s very good” in french.

7. Who did the coattail studies call on to help him answer Bint’s questions? – He asked the french mistress who often teacher the senior classes to help him answer Bint’s question.

8. Why does Bint’s mom often enter her children’s bedroom without knocking on the door? – She wanted them to get used to her presence and to always ensure they maintain a good hygiene by keeping their room tidy always.

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The life changer questions which was posted on nairaland stopped at 8 so you can now continue with the number 9 question below:

9. Who used to say “what you teach a child is like writing on a hard rock and when dried it would be difficult to erase” – Ummi’s grand mom.

10. Who is Jamila? – Jamila is Ummi’s daughter and Bint’s immediate elder sister

11. Who is Bint? – Bint is Ummi’s daughter, she is her youngest child.

12. Who is Omar – Omar is Ummi’s first child and her only son.

13. What does Omar call Ummi? – He calls her mum

14. Who is Teemah – She is Ummi’s first Daughter and also her second child.

15. Why was Omar so excited when he got home – Omar was happy because he got an admission into the university.

16. How old was Omar when he got admission into the university? – Omar was 18 years old when he got admission into the university.

17. Which University offered Omar an admission? – Omar got an admission into Ahmadu Bello University Zaria.

18. What course was Omar offered in Ahmadu Bello University? He was given an admission to study Law at Kongo Campus in Ahmadu Bello University.

19. What course did Ummi’s husband study in the university? – Ummi’s husband studied Accounting in the University although he initially wanted to study Law.

20. What did Omar demand his siblings refer to him as – Omar demanded Teemah and Jamilar call him “My Learned Brother”.

21. What time does Ummi’s husband usually close from work — Ummi’s husband usually closes from work by 5pm

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22. What reward was Omar expecting from his dad for his accomplishments? – Omar was hoping his dad will buy him an android smartphone.

23. Why did Jamila suggest they all go outside? – The room was getting hot and stuffy because they was no power, therefore Jamilla suggested they all go outside to get some fresh air.

24. Who offered to pay for the Zobo drink? – Ummi offered to pay for the Zobo drink.

25. Who went to buy Zobo drink? – Teemah went to buy the Zobo drink.

26. Who asked Ummi to tell them a story? Bint asked Ummi to tell them a story while they sat outside.

27. What is Ummi’s occupation? – Ummi was a teacher.

28. Why didn’t Ummi tell her children a story about her experience in the university? Ummi refused to tell her kid a story about her experience in the univeristy because she felt they were much to young to know about life on campus, especially her own experience.

29. What was Omar JAMB score? – Omar scored 230 in his UTME exams.

30. How many credits did Omar get in his WAEC?

Omar got 7 credits in his WAEC including in English and mathematics at his first attempt.

31. Why did Omar have to wait two days before checking his admission status?

Omar had to wait to go to the cyber cafe to check his admission status because he didn’t have a smartphone unlike his friends who has checked theirs immediately using their smartphones.