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Jamb 2021 Day 1 Biology Asked Questions Posted Here


1.Plant cell is plasmolysed as a result of?
a)endosmosis b) endocytosis c)exosmosis d) exocytosis
2. One of the most important driving factors for evolution is?
Ans: Mutation
3. Alkaloids are excretory products used to produce ?
a)Gum b)Drug
4. The process that is Carried out by denitrifying bacteria is?
a) Converts nitrite to nitrate b)convert ammonia to nitrite c) convert nitrate to atmospheric nitrogen
5 The soldier termites differ from the worker termites by?
Ans: Large head and strong mandibles
6. Which of the following can lead to increase in size of population?
a) Emigration b) Natality c)Mortality d)Disease
7. Terrestrial vertebrates respire with the aid of??
a)Gills b)Lungs c)Skin
8. The nephridium is used in which of the following organisms
a)Roundworms b) Flatworms c)Earthworm
9. Which of the following internal condition is necessary for Seed germination?
a) Adequate temperature b) Water c)Seed viability d)air
10. A character expressed in a female only when it is homozygous but expresses itself in the male always is ..?
Ans: s*x Linked


11. If a man who’s a carrier for albinism marries an albino, what percentage of their children will be albinos?
a) 25% b)50% c)100% d)75%
12. Territory formation in agama lizard enhances ??
Ans: (I only remember mating in the options)
13. The structure that protects articulating surfaces of bones at a joint to prevent it from being worn out is?
a) Cartilage b) Synovial membrane
14. Dispersing a termite colony is carried out by?
a)Wingless reproductive b)Winged reproductive
15. The Mycorrhiza is ..?
Ans: Relationship between root of higher plant and fungus
16. Possession of breathing roots is for trees grown in?
17. Distribution of tilapia fish is affected by ?
a) Temperature b)Salinity c) Humidity d) Pressure
18. The most primitive among these is?
a)Fern b) Flowering plants c)Fungus d) Cones
19. The layer of dicot stem impermeable to liquids and gases is the.?
a)Cambium b)Cortex c)Cuticle d) Epidermis
20. The liquid component of mammalian blood is?
a)Red blood cell b)Plasma c)White blood cell


21. The most accurate determination of paternity is by?…
Ans: DNA test
22. Soil conservation means?
a)Ridging along the slope b) Ridging across the slope
23. In which state in Nigeria is Kainji National Park located?
a)Niger b)Oyo c) Zamfara d)Ebonyi
24. Alternation of generation is in which of these?
25. The white layer of connective tissue protecting the eye is?
a) Choroid b)Sclera
26. The probability of a woman producing X chromosome is ?
a)100% b)0% c)50% d)75%
27. (Diagram of male reproductive system.) -Identify the part which is the vas deferense
28. -identify the part where the man-fluid is stored
29.(diagram of fingerprint) -What is the diagram above most efficient for?
Ans: crime detection
30. The fingerprint above is?
Ans: arch fingerprint


31. (Diagram on the digestive system)- Asked to identify the Large intestine
32. -Identify the place where emulsification of fats take place .
33. (Diagram of the evolution of Modern horse) -What type of phenomenon is exhibited above?
Ans: Evolution
34. -The need for the one toed horse is due to what type of soil??
Options??(I only remember marsh land)…


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