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Jacinda Ardern Net Worth, Biography Age and Husband

Jacinda Ardern Net Worth, Biography Age and Husband 2023
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Jacinda Ardern Net Worth, Biography Age and Husband

Jacinda Ardern Net Worth: Jacinda Ardern has an estimated net worth of $25 million, She is the 40th Prime Minister of New Zealand and leader of the Labour Party since 2017.

What’s Jacinda Ardern Net Worth?

Net worth $25 million
Source of wealth Politics
Name Jacinda Kate Laurell Ardern
Born 26 July 1980
Age 43 years
Gender Female
Place of birth New Zealand
Residence Premier House
Husband Clarke Gayford
No. of Children 1
Parent Ross Ardern
Education University of Waikato – B Communication Studies
Political Party Labor
Website Beehive.govt.nz

Jacinda Ardern Biography

Labour Party leader and New Zealand politician Jacinda Ardern was born on July 26th, 1980.


Since 2017, she has served as prime minister and as a representative for Mount Albert in parliament.

Ardern announced her resignation as Labour leader and prime minister on January 19th, 2023, with a leadership election scheduled for February 7th.

Born in Hamilton, Jacinda Ardern grew up in Morrinsville and Murupara. At the age of 17, she joined the Labour Party.

After graduating from the University of Waikato in 2001, she worked as a researcher in the office of Prime Minister Helen Clark.

Later, she worked in London as an advisor in the Cabinet Office during Tony Blair’s premiership.

In 2008, Ardern was elected president of the International Union of Socialist Youth.

She was first elected as a Member of Parliament (MP) in the 2008 general election, when Labour lost power after nine years.

In a by-election held on February 25th, 2017, she was elected to represent the Mount Albert electorate.

On March 1st, 2017, Ardern was unanimously elected as deputy leader of the Labour Party following the resignation of Annette King.

Five months later, with an election approaching, Labour’s leader Andrew Little resigned after a historically low opinion polling result for the party, and Ardern was elected unopposed as leader in his place.

Labour’s support rapidly increased after Ardern became leader, and she led her party to gain 14 seats at the 2017 general election on September 23rd, winning 46 seats to the National Party’s 56.

After negotiations, New Zealand First chose to enter a minority coalition government with Labour, supported by the Green Party, with Ardern as Prime Minister.

She was sworn in by the Governor-General on October 26th, 2017. At the age of 37, she became the world’s youngest female head of government.

On June 21st, 2018, Ardern gave birth to her daughter, making her the second elected head of government to give birth while in office, after Benazir Bhutto.

Ardern describes herself as a social democrat and a progressive. The Sixth Labour Government has faced challenges from the New Zealand housing crisis, child poverty, and social inequality.

In March 2019, in the aftermath of the Christchurch mosque shootings, Ardern rapidly introduced strict gun laws, winning her wide recognition.

Throughout 2020, she led New Zealand’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, for which she was praised for New Zealand being one of the few Western nations to successfully contain the virus.

Prior to the October 2020 general election, Ardern moved the Labour Party further to the center, promising to cut spending during the remainder of the COVID-19 recession.

She led the Labour Party to a landslide victory, gaining an overall majority of 65 seats in Parliament, the first time a majority government had been formed since the introduction of a proportional representation system in 1996.

Jacinda Ardern Net Worth, Biography Age and Husband 2023

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Early Life

Jacinda Ardern was born on the 26th of July, 1980 in Hamilton, New Zealand. She spent her childhood in the towns of Morrinsville and Murupara, where her father Ross Ardern worked as a police officer and her mother, Laurell Ardern (née Bottomley), was a school catering assistant.

Raised in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church or Mormon Church), her uncle Ian S. Ardern holds a position of authority in the church.

Ardern attended Morrinsville College, where she served as the student representative on the school’s board of trustees.

She also held her first job while still in school, working at a local fish-and-chip shop.

Ardern joined the Labour Party at the age of 17, and was recruited by her aunt, Marie Ardern, a long-time party member, to assist in the re-election campaign of New Plymouth MP Harry Duynhoven during the 1999 general election.

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Jacinda ardern age

As of january 2023, jacinda ardern is 43 years old. Jacinda Ardern was born on July 26th, 1980.

Jacinda Ardern Education Background

Jacinda attended the University of Waikato, graduating in 2001 with a Bachelor of Communication Studies in politics and public relations, a specialist three-year degree.

She took a semester abroad at Arizona State University in 2001.

After graduating from university, she spent time working in the offices of Phil Goff and of Helen Clark as a researcher.

After a period of time in New York City, US, where she volunteered at a soup kitchen and worked on a workers’ rights campaign, Ardern moved to London, in 2006 where she became a senior policy advisor in an 80-person policy unit of the Cabinet Office under British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

Ardern did not meet Blair in London, but later at an event in New Zealand in 2011 she questioned him about the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

Ardern was also seconded to the Home Office to help with a review of policing in England and Wales.

Personal Life

Ardern was raised in New Zealand as a member of The Religion of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, but she left the church in 2005 when she was 25 because, according to her, it went against her personal beliefs, particularly her support for LGBT rights.

Ardern declared she was agnostic in January 2017 and added, “I can’t see myself being a member of an organized religion again.”

She first met Russell M. Nelson, the head of the LDS Church, while she was prime minister in 2019.

The mayor of Whanganui, Hamish McDouall, is a second cousin of Ardern.

She is also distantly related to Shane Ardern, a former Taranaki-King Country National MP.

Three years before Jacinda Ardern was elected prime minister, Shane Ardern resigned from the legislature in 2014.

Jacinda Ardern Husband

Clarke Gayford, a television host, is Ardern’s husband.

The couple initially connected in 2012 through a common acquaintance, New Zealand television host and model Colin Mathura-Jeffree, but they didn’t spend much time together until Gayford got in touch with Ardern about a divisive Government Communications Security Bureau bill.

Ardern and Gayford were reportedly set to wed on May 3, 2019, according to a report.

The wedding was supposed to take place in January 2022, however it has been postponed because of a SARS-CoV-2 Omicron variant outbreak.

Ardern became the first prime minister of New Zealand to become pregnant while in office when she revealed on January 19th, 2018, that she would give birth to her first child in June.

Ardern became only the second elected head of government to give birth while in office when she was taken to Auckland City Hospital on June 21, 2018, and gave birth to a girl on the same day (after Benazir Bhutto in 1990).

Neve Te Aroha is one of her daughter’s given names. Neve is the anglicized version of the Irish name Niamh, which means “bright.” Aroha is the Mori word for “love,” and Te Aroha is a small rural community close to Ardern’s previous home of Morrinsville.

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I will like to remind you that Jacinda Ardern, The 40th Prime Minister of New Zealand and leader of the Labour Party since 2017, has an estimated net worth of $25 million.


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