How To Withdraw Pi Network 2023

How To Withdraw Pi Network 2022

Welcome to Zamgist, Where you will learn how to cash out pi network 2022, how to withdraw pi network 2023 and how to exchange it in to a real currency.

The reason why I wrote about this is that, since when i initially started mining pi network in August 2022, so not that long ago.

I referred about 100 users to mine pi network and the questions I have been seen day after day is that, people are asking how they can withdraw their pi network, how they can exchange pi net in to a fair currency like U.S dollar, Euro, Naira and so on.

I will like to advice you not to skip any part of this guide for you not to fall in to a wrong decision.

So let’s start with the number one question which is:


how to withdraw pi network 2023 and how to cash out pi network 2022

The answer to this question is that, currently you can not withdraw pi network coins because pi network is on phase 2 out of 3 phases.

So pi is not yet a full Cryptocurrency and is not listed on any exchangers. I can hear you asking that, if I can not withdraw pi network then what can I do with it?

At this moment you can not do anything with pi, you can not withdraw it and you can not transfer it. But you can just keep mining it.

Remember those days that people where mining thousands of bitcoin and they Don’t know what they can do with it, but later they all enjoyed it by the time it enter market.

I will like to urge pioneers to continue mining their pi network as it just take a couple of seconds to hit the mining button after every 24 hours.

As soon as you continue mining pi network, the question that will come to your mind is that,

1. when will pi have an actual value?

2. how much is pi network worth?

3. when will you be able to withdraw pi?

So let me start by answering the first question

when will pi have an actual value?

Pi will achieve a real value once it can be traded on exchangers like:, binance and so on, and that will happen when pi reaches phase 3.

It can be possible that pi network coin can be traded and can be exchange by the end of this year, it may be possible by next year or it may even take longer.

I will like to tell you that you currently have the opportunity to jump in to the mining program and earn your free coin with out risking anything.

All you have to do is to open your pi app once in a day and push the mining power button after every 24 hours.

Ideally you can earn more pi network by inviting your family, friends and others. And to answer the second part of the question that says:

how much is pi network worth?

Actually nobody can tell you how much is pi network worth for now.

And another important thing that you need to understand is that, just because pi network will be listed on any exchange doesn’t mean its smart to sell your pin network in day 1.

Some people might like to sell some part their pi network and keep some which is not that bad.

Let’s take an example with bitcoin. When bit coin was launched, it started from $1, $2, $10 and etc. But if you look today, bit coin worth more than $10,000 thousands which a lot of people that sells in day 1 regretted it.

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This has come to the end of this article, if you have any questions related to pin network, you can ask using the comment section below.

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