How does the poet view his new found love in The Good-Morrow

How does the poet view his new found love in The Good-Morrow: Poetry and drama waec gce 2023 question 11

How does the poet view his new found love in The Good-Morrow

The poet delves into the profound impact of newfound love, crafting a sonnet that transcends mere romantic sentiments to explore the transformative nature of profound connection. The poem commences with an interrogation of past experiences, suggesting that the speaker’s life before this love was akin to a dream—an existence lacking true awakening. The metaphorical sleep implies a state of incompleteness or unawareness, contrasting sharply with the vitality and awareness that the poet attributes to the awakening brought about by love.

As the poem unfolds,the poet artfully employs metaphors and vivid imagery to convey the depth of this transformative love. The line “And now good morrow to our waking souls” signals a departure from a past defined by superficial encounters to a present illuminated by an all-encompassing connection. The merging of souls implies a profound unity, transcending the physical and reaching into the metaphysical realm. The very fabric of reality seems altered, as if the lovers have discovered a new dimension of existence.

The poet accentuates the magnitude of this newfound love by dismissing past experiences as mere illusions, asserting that everything before was a “feigned common thing.” The metaphorical reference to past lovers as “country pleasures” reinforces the idea that the speaker has moved beyond trivial or superficial connections, finding in this love a more profound and lasting satisfaction.

The poet’s choice of metaphors, such as “Seven hours to the, and the last lights off the black West went,” paints a vivid picture of time passing unnoticed during the night, suggesting that the intensity of their connection transcends the ordinary markers of temporal existence. The mention of the “black West” may also symbolize the obscurity or lack of awareness before the dawn of this transformative love.

“The Good-Morrow” intricately explores the transformative power of profound love, depicting it as a force that awakens the soul, transcends past experiences, and elevates the lovers to a heightened state of existence. The poet employs rich imagery and metaphors to convey the depth and significance of this newfound connection, emphasizing its ability to redefine not only the present but also the entire fabric of one’s past and future.

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