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Here Are The Working Principle Of Thermoflask

Are you a mechanical engineering or physics students searching for the working principle of thermoflask?

If yes, then congratulations for been here. With out wasting time, let’s get started.

The working principle of thermoflask

The (3) modes of heat transfer where taken into consideration while selecting the materials for the design of and production of thermoflask.

working principle of thermoflask

The parts of the thermo flask are as follows:

  1. Cap
  2. Cork stopper
  3. Double-wall glass vessel
  4. Vacuum
  5. Slivered surface
  6. Metallic or plastic casing
  7. Cork support

Cork Stopper

Cork stopper is made of wood or plastic which is a poor conductor of heat, it main function is that, heat does not leave or enter easily.

The cork stopper prevents heat loss by evaporation and convection if the flask contains hot liquid.

There fore hot liquids remain hot while cold liquid remain cold inside the flask.

Doubled-wall glass vessel

The doubled-wall glass vessels are silvered on the vacuum side, this minimize the loss or gain of radiant to the outside.


The main function of the vacuum is to reduce the loss or gain of heat by conduction or convection.

Metallic Casing

The metallic casing serve as protection to avoid damage or broken of the thermo flask.

Cork Support

The cork support can be wooden or plastic, it serve as protection to the glass bottle. Hence no heat is loss or gained by convection.

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As I said earlier, the three modes of heat transfer which are conduction, convection and radiation where considered while selecting the materials for the design and production of thermoflask.

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