Fatima Hussain Labarina Biography 2024

Fatima Hussain Labarina Biography

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Who is Fatima Hussain?

Fatima hussain labarina is a fast rising Kannywood actress known as Maryam Labarina in LABARINA HAUSA SERIES FILM.

Fatima Hussain Labarina Wiki

Real Name Fatima Hussain Labarina
Other Name Maryam Labarina
Date of birth January 3, 1998
Age 26 years old
Place of birth Kaduna state
Nationality Nigerian
Tribe Hausa
Religion Islam
Language spoken Hausa and English
Husband Not Married
Profession Kannywood Actress

Fatima Hussain Labarina Biography 2024

Fatima Hussain Labarina was born on January 3, 1998 in Kaduna state, Nigeria, she spent her childhood in the Makarfi local government area within Kaduna State. However, her family heritage hails from Maiduguri, Borno State.

As of 2024 fatima Hussain is 26 years old. Fatima embarked on her academic journey at Betty Queen International Primary School, securing her First Leaving Certificate.

Fatima Hussain Labarina Biography

Continuing her education, she pursued studies at Government Secondary School Birnin Yero, achieving her SSCE. Her thirst for knowledge led her to Kaduna State Polytechnic, where she obtained a Diploma in Science Laboratory Technology (SLT).

Fatima Hussain’s journey to stardom began when Director Aminu Saira introduced her to the Hausa film industry through the beloved movie “LABARINA,” where she portrayed the character Maryam Labarina.

Her standout qualities of kindness and compassion, particularly in sacrificing her love for Al-Amin (Sadiq Sani Sadiq) due to deception by her friend Jamila, caught audiences’ attention.

Her portrayal highlighted valuable lessons:

Love Beyond Materialism: Fatima’s character emphasized the importance of genuine love beyond material gain.

Grasping Opportunities: The narrative urged men to pursue even seemingly small business opportunities.

Source of Wealth: It questioned the legitimacy of wealth accumulation.

Rising from Adversity: Her story illustrated the potential for a poor individual to achieve prosperity.

Character Defines Loveability: The virtues and character of an individual matter in relationships.

Legitimate Means to Prosperity: Striving to overcome poverty through approved, legal methods was emphasized.

Wise Choices in Love: Encouragement to make thoughtful and rational decisions in love.

Her story resonated deeply across Nigeria, earning praise and even marriage proposals for her portrayal in “LABARINA.” This movie, largely because of her performance, became widely adored.

Presently, she stands as the most sought-after actress in Kannywood, embodying a role model for women and leaving an indelible mark through her examples and portrayals.

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