EEC 244 Electronics III Lecture note Pdf download

EEC 244 Electronics III Lecture note Pdf download


EEC 244 Electronics III Contents

1.1 Define Input and Output of a

system, and understand it could mean

many things in a given system. (e.g.

voltage, or current in an amplifier)

1.2 Understand the general nature of

positive and negative feedback in


1.3 Show that the GAIN of a system is

mainly determined by the feedback

function and independent of forward


1.4 Explain the general expression for

stage gain of a basic feedback in



1.5 Understand the effect of applying

negative feedback to an amplifier in

relation to:

a. gain

b. gain stability

c. bandwidth

d. distortion

e. noise

f. input and output resistance in

a qualitative sense only.


Diploma in Electrical engineering Technology

The programme is designed to produce electrical engineering technicians for the following industries;

manufacturing, assembling, servicing, power generation, transmission distribution and utilisation,

telecommunications and other related industries. More specifically, diplomates of the programme should be

able to:

1) Construct simple electrical and electronic circuits when necessary for use in modification

or as a part of a system;

2) Assemble, install and test-run simple electrical and electronic equipment;

3) Carry out both preventive and corrective maintenance on simple electronic/electrical

installation, equipment and appliances;

4) Select and use appropriate instruments to carry out simple tests and measurement on all

types of electrical and electronic installation and equipment under various operating


5) Operate relevant equipment and installations whenever required;

6) Prepare simple bills of quantities and specifications related to electrical/electronic

engineering works;

7) Coordinate and supervise craftsmen in activities related to electrical/electronic

engineering services

8) Maintain a personal logbook to record his daily and weekly activities for each semester.


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