EEC 242 Electrical Power 3 Lecture Note Pdf download

EEC 242 Electrical Power 3 Lecture Note Pdf download

General Objectives
On completion of this course, the student should be able to:
1. Understand the interconnected in electrical power engineering
2. Understand the performance of fault analysis in interconnected systems.
3. Describe the system over voltages and insulation requirements
4. Understand various types of substations and substation equipment.
5. Understand the principles of operation of protection systems and their applications.

EEC 242 Electrical power III Contents

1.1 Discuss interconnected power
1.2 State the advantages and
disadvantages of interconnected power
1.3 Construct the power circle diagram.
1.4 Describe the techniques for reducing
interconnected systems to simple
equivalent diagrams.
1.5 Solve problems involving 1 – 4 above
1.6 Explain the need for load flow
1.7 Explain the advantages and
disadvantages of load flow studies.
1.8 Formulate the nodal admittance
matrices for various net work.
1.9 State the various variables (P, Q, S,
V and ℘) affecting the load flow in power
system next work.
1.10 Classify the variables in 1.8 into
control independent and dependent
variables. You will get more in the pdf

EEC 242 pdf electrical power III description
Diploma in electrical engineering technology Year 2 Semester II
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Semester II – ND II year 2
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