EEC 239 PDF download – Electrical Circuits I

EEC 239 PDF download – Electrical Circuits I

Week 1:
1.1 Mathematical form of representing A.C signals
1.2 Conversion of a.c signal in polar form to the j-notation form
1.3 Subtraction, addition, multiplication and division of phasor using j
1.4 Solved simple problems using j-notation .
Week 2:
1.5 Phasor diagram for a.c circuits drawn to scale
1.6 Derivations with the aid of waveforms diagrams that the current in a capacitive
circuit leads voltage and the current in the inductive circuit lags the voltage
1.7 Inductive and capacitive reactances
1.8 Voltage and current waveforms on same axis showing lagging and
leading angles .
Week 3:
1.9 Phasor diagrams for series and parallel a.c circuits
1.10 Voltage, current, power and power factor calculations in series and
parallel circuits
1.11 Series and parallel resonance
1.12 Conditions for series and parallel resonance .
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Week 4:
1.13 Derivations of Q-factor, dynamic impedance and bandwidth at
resonance frequency
1.14 Sketch of I capacitorinst F for series and parallel circuits
1.15 Calculation of Q-factor for a coil and loss factor for a capacitor
1.16 Bandwidth
1.17 Problems involving bandwidth and circuits Q-factor .
Week 5:
2.1 Terms used in electric networks
2.2 Basic principles of mesh circuit analysis
2.3 Solved problems on mesh circuit analysis .
Week 7:
2.4 Basic principles of nodal analysis
2.5 solved problems on nodal analysis
Week 8:
3.1 Reduction of a complex network to it series or parallel equivalent
3.2 Identification of star and delta networks
Week 9:
3.3 Derivation of formulae for the transformation of a delta to a star
network and vice versa
3.4 solved problems on delta/star transformation
Week 10:
3.5 Duality principles
3.6 Duality between resistance, conductance, inductance, capacitance,
voltage and current
Week 11:
3.7 Duality of a network
3.8 Solved network problems using duality principles
Week 12:
4.1 Thevenin’s theorem
4.2 Basic principles of Thevenin’s theorem
4.3 Solved problems on simple network using Thevenin’s theorem
4.4 Solved problems involving repeated used of Thevenin’s theorem
Week 13:
4.5 Norton’s theorem
4.6 Basic principles of Norton’s theorem
4.7 Comparison of Norton’s theorem with Thevenin’s theorem
4.8 Solved problems using Norton’s theorem
Week 14:
4.9 Millman’s theorem
4.10 Basic principles of Millman’s theorem
4.11 Solved network problems using Millman’s theorem
Week 15:
4.12 Reciprocity Theorem
4.13 Basic principles of Reciprocity theorem
4.14 Solved problems using Reciprocity theorems.

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