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EEC 233 Electrical Machines II pdf download



EEC 233 Electrical Machines II lecture note pdf

EEC 233 Electrical Machines II pdf download



Diploma in electrical engineering technology Year 2 Semester III
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Published date 30 – Aug – 2021
Semester III – ND II year 2
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Chapter 1: Basic Principles of electric machines:

1.1 Introduction

1.2 Electro- mechanical energy convertion

1.3 Alignment devices

1.4 Interaction devices

1.5 Induction devices

1.6 Work Examples


1.8 Faraday’s Law

1.9Lenz’s Law

1.10 Rotating magnetic field

1.11 Synchronous speed:

Chapter 2 Three phase induction motor

2.1 Introduction.

2.2 Construction of Induction Motor

2.2 The principle of operation of the Induction Motor

2.3 The slip

2.4 Name Plate

Chapter 3: Synchronous Machine:

3.1 Introduction


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3.2 Stator construction

3.3 Rotor construction

3.4 Principle of operation of the synchronous generator

3.5 Principle of operation of the synchronous motor

3.6 Excitation Methods

Chapter4:Control & protection of electric motors

4.1 Need for Circuit Protection

4.2 Types of Overcurrent Protective Devices

4.2.0 Protection and control devices

4.2.1 Fuses

4.2.2 Circuit Breakers

4.3 Control devices

4.3.1 Relay

4.3.2 Contactors


4.3.4 Selector Switches

4.3.5 Indicator Lights

Chapter 5: Energy convertion

5.1 Electro-mechanical energy convertion

5.1.1Major energy convertion principle

5.2 Energy convertion



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