Discuss Sidi and Lakunle as mannerless characters in the play

Discuss Sidi and Lakunle as mannerless characters in the play: Literature In English Poetry and Drama.

Discuss Sidi and Lakunle as mannerless characters in the play

In Wole Soyinka’s play “The Lion and the Jewel,” both Sidi and Lakunle can be seen as mannerless characters, although in different ways. Their lack of manners stems from their respective backgrounds, beliefs, and attitudes toward societal norms, which drives the conflict and develops the plot of the play.

Sidi, the village belle, can be seen as mannerless due to her disregard for the traditional customs and values of her community. She exudes an air of independence and rebellion against the traditional societal expectations. Sidi refuses to conform to the roles assigned to women in her village, challenging the norms of modesty, humility, and submissiveness. Her assertiveness and ambition are considered rude and disrespectful, particularly by Lakunle, who adheres more strictly to traditional customs.

Moreover, Sidi’s interactions with the other characters often lack tact and consideration. She can be abrupt, impulsive, and disrespectful, particularly towards Lakunle. Sidi frequently dismisses Lakunle’s advances and modern ideas, mocking his ideals and attempting to subvert his attempts to elevate her status in the village. Although this shows her strength and firmness, it also reflects her lack of manners and the understanding of the consequences of her actions.

On the other hand, Lakunle, the educated schoolteacher, can also be considered mannerless due to his arrogance and disregard for the traditions and beliefs of the village. Lakunle considers himself superior to the villagers due to his Western education and modern ideas. He often attempts to impose his own values on the community, ridiculing their customs and practices.

Lakunle’s lack of manners is evident in his confrontations with the other characters, particularly with Baroka, the village chief. His disrespectful behavior towards Baroka, such as questioning his authority and openly criticizing his polygamous lifestyle, demonstrates his disregard for traditional authority figures.

Furthermore, Lakunle lacks proper discretion and sensitivity, making derogatory remarks about traditional African attire and rituals. His cultural insensitivity contributes to his portrayal as a mannerless character, as he fails to recognize or respect the cultural heritage and traditions of the village.

In summary, Sidi and Lakunle can both be seen as mannerless characters in “The Lion and the Jewel,” albeit in different ways. Sidi’s defiance of traditional values and her impulsive behavior reflect her lack of manners, while Lakunle’s arrogance, cultural insensitivity, and disrespect for traditional customs demonstrate his own lack of manners. Their contrasting attitudes towards societal norms and customs drive the conflict in the play, creating tension and highlighting the clash between modernity and tradition in African society.

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