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Destiny Etiko Phone Number

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Destiny Etiko Wiki

Full Name Destiny Etiko
Born August 12, 1989
Age 32 Years
Place of birth UDI, Enugu State
State of origin Enugu State
Nationality Nigerian
Gender Male
Profession Actress
Education Nnamdi Azikwe University
Relationship Single
Years Active 2013-Present
Net worth $600,000

Destiny etiko biography

Destiny Etiko is a Nigerian actor who was born on August 12, 1989. Etiko was born in Udi, a hamlet in Enugu state, Nigeria’s southeastern geographical region dominated by the Igbo people.

Etiko attended Enugu State’s primary and secondary schools, earning her First School Leaving Certificate and West African Senior School Certificate.

Etiko moved to Anambra state in order to pursue a university degree, and subsequently applied to study Theater Arts at Nnamdi Azikiwe University in Awka.

Etiko was approved and given admission, and she went on to earn a bachelor’s degree in theater arts.

Destiny Etiko Career

Etiko said in an interview with Vanguard, a Nigerian newspaper, that she entered the Nigerian movie industry, also known as Nollywood, in 2011 after registering with the Actors Guild of Nigeria.

She described her experience as difficult at the time because she had to balance her acting career with her school requirements because she was still a student.

Etiko’s career took off after she appeared in Ernest Obi’s film Idemili, which was made in 2012 but did not hit theaters until 2014.

Her performance in the film garnered her a nomination for the City People Entertainment Awards. Etiko had appeared in previous films prior to her involvement in Idemili, albeit she did not have a big role in any of them.

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Destiny Etiko Phone Number

Success is said to be the father of many children, whereas failure is the orphan. The main reason that both male and female admirers want her phone number is to have personal encounters with her for various reasons.

Remember that these actresses are people, too, and they are entitled to privacy. We have her phone number, but sharing it publicly with followers on a forum like this would be unethical.

To contact Destiny privately, go to her Instagram account @ destinyetikoofficial and send her a direct message (Direct Message).

That is where she responds to her followers. You could also ask for her phone number, and if you’re lucky, you’ll get it.

Destiny Etiko Phone Number

Life story

Unlike what has been the usual in the Nigerian film business, where creatives must relocate to Lagos state in order to flourish, Etiko, who was born in Enugu state, has remained in the state throughout her acting career.

Etiko confirmed in an interview that she had been a victim of sexual harassment by male movie producers, who make up the vast majority of movie productions in Nigeria.

Etiko gave her mother an apartment in 2019 and thanked her for supporting her desire to pursue a career as an actor.

Her father, on the other hand, had first opposed her decision to pursue a career as an actress. Her father died in May of 2020.

Destiny Etiko is, without a doubt, one of the most compassionate and unselfish actresses in the Nigerian film business.

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Her compassion for the less fortunate has won her a lot of love and admiration from the general public.

Currently, the actress has established a non-profit organization in her name that is dedicated to easing the plight of those who are impoverished and destitute.

Destiny Etiko Foundation (DEF) has reached out to people in many communities on numerous times in order to provide a helping hand in any small way.

Destiny Etiko and her team have visited schools, widows, and poverty-stricken people in the interior of Nigeria, blessing them with commodities such as rice bags, garri, and other necessities.

There’s no denying that such acts of kindness elicit a lot of affection from others and God’s blessings; it’s no surprise that the phrase “one good turn deserves another” comes to mind.

As a result, it is in her nature to lavish extravagant affection on the defenseless, and they respond in kind by blowing her trumpet incessantly.

Destiny Etiko Age

Destiny Etiko was born on August 12, 1989. She is currently 32 years old.

Destiny Etiko Husband

Destiny Etiko is a lovely curvy Nigerian actress who has been in a number of films.

Destiny Etiko rose to prominence after appearing in the award-winning Nigerian film “Idemili.”

Despite posting numerous lovely wedding photos on social media, the actress is still single and unmarried. Destiny Etiko is a single woman who has never married.

On the set of a movie, Destiny Etiko and Jerry Williams form a good couple, but they are not dating or in a love relationship.

Destiny Etiko is also rumored to have begun a relationship with fast-rising Nollywood actor Ray Emodi. According to reports, the two couples are planning to marry soon.

Mr. John Anonde Etiko gave birth to Destiny Etiko on August 12, 1989, in Enugu, Nigeria. Her mother worked in the entertainment industry as an actress.

Destiny Etiko Siblings

Destiny Etiko is the youngest of four siblings (3 boys and a girl). She is the family’s second child. Sopuru Melody Etiko is Destiny Etiko’s younger brother, and she has a look-alike sister whose name is unknown at this moment.

Her look-alike sister, on the other hand, is believed to be interested in acting and has changed her Instagram handle to ‘Miss Nollywood.’

Destiny Etiko Children

Destiny Etiko, a Nollywood actress, is not known to have given birth to a child as of the time of writing this story. It’s quite unlikely that Destiny Etiko has given birth to a child.

The actress is not married, has not given birth to a kid, and is not a mother.

Destiny Etiko Net worth

Actress Destiny Etiko has a net worth of $650,000 dollars. She is a fast rising Nigerian movie actress, script writer, entertainer, and movie director.

She became famous after appearing in the award-winning Nigerian blockbuster film “Idemili.” Idemili is a 2014 Nollywood film about indigenous Igbo mystics and beliefs.

The film was directed by Ernest Obi and produced by Onye-Eze Productions, and it was named after a location in Anambra State called Idemili.

FAQ About Destiny Etiko

Who is destiny Etikos husband?

Destiny Etiko has no husband.

how old is destiny etiko?

32 years old. She was born on 12 August 1989.

Does Destiny Etiko have a baby?

Destiny Etiko does not have a child and has never given birth.
She does not have a father for her child.
She is currently concentrating on her acting career.

Is Destiny Etiko a single mother?

Because Destiny Etiko’s marital status is unknown, many people believe she is married to Zubby Michael.

Who is Destiny Etiko in a relationship with?

Destiny Etiko has also been linked to Zubby Michael, a fellow Nollywood star.
This was based on their respective film roles.
It was assumed that they were married.

Is Destiny Etiko married?

No. Destiny Etiko is not yet married.

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